There's an app for that!

A growing list of apps, that help children communicate, learn, and gain their own independence. The best part – they’re not addictive, which gives parents one less thing to worry about.

Call approved contacts.

Have the option to limit phone calling to only outbound calls to contacts that parent have already approved. Automatically block spam calls and calls from people that have not been approved of yet.

The power of 911

Show or hide the ability for a child to call local emergency services. If the parent is weary of the child not being responsible enough, this option can be hidden.

Text like
grown-ups do.

Send SMS/MMS like traditional cell phones do. Send pictures and videos, or type out custom messages via a full keyboard. If the child User is too young to type a message, add pre-written messages for the child to select and send.

Take a selfie.

If your wearables have a built-in camera, DUUO allows their child Users to take and send selfies, photos or videos.

Video calling

Oh yes, approved contacts can make and receive video calls with the child via the companion/parent app.

Their very own gallery.

Every photo taken, video made, or voice note saved, can be viewed over and over from the device’s internal storage.

Stay active.

Use daily step goals to encourage the little ones to get up, run, and seize the day!

Take note... a voice note.

Take advantage of built-in microphones to save voice notes. Play them later or send them to approved contacts.

Control your time.

Time a 100m dash. See how many jumping jacks one can do in 1 minute. Hey, program a wake-up alarm so that child can wake up on their own. The possibilities are endless.

It all adds up.

Do simple calculations to help with homework or solving those random number questions that make you think during the day.

It's dark in here.

Simple but effective. The flashlight app simply turns the device’s screen to max brightness with an all white screen. Maximum brightness to find your way around in the dark.

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