New Updates
Custom Texting

JrTrack 2 now lets your child type out their own texts on the watch, in addition to selecting any pre-set messages.

Toggle 911

You can now turn the 911 option on or off in the settings of the watch. 

Enhanced GPS

We've increased the location accuracy of the GPS Tracking.

Better storage

We've made it easier to manage photos, videos & voice memos on JrTrack 2. 

  • App
  • Watch
Version 1.7
Released May 2nd, 2022

On map, selected device is now highlighted in blue
Improved message when permissions are needed for camera during QR code scan

Bug Fixes
Step goals cropping
School mode edit screen cropping
Safe zone set to wrong device
Crash when setting monitoring time
Language not supported error
Hide "+" when more than 10 safe zones

Firmware v0802
Released August 5th, 2022


911 feature enhancement

New UI/UX for Audio recorder

New UI/UX for Home screen

New UI/UX for App Drawer

New UI/UX for Notifications

Long press on delete in Calculator clears input field

GPS will wake up when App asks for new location

Added 5 new wallpapers

Bug Fixes

Calculator crash when entering extra long numbers

Step counter - Forced reset daily

Crash fix when trying to view image in chat

Crash fix when deleting some emojis

Version 2.1
Released June 8th, 2022

Keyboard for free text messaging

Provides users with new keyboard interface within the device messaging section to allow for free-form texting

Maintains custom pre-set text message menu and function as alternate option

9-1-1 emergency calling

Adds a hardcoded 911 contact to the end of the watch contact list (for USA). This contact will always be visible once paired (not before)

Enables calling to 911 by clicking on the contact to initiate, followed by a 5 second delay giving the user a chance to cancel.

GPS enhancements

Improves GPS location accuracy with updated GPS location post protocols.

Prevents sending unfindable access points in array to help prevent incorrect location readings.

Improved storage management

Improves functionality for storage management on device.

Provides early warning to user when device memory is low/almost full ("Your watch's memory is almost full. Please delete old gallery items to record new ones.")

Establishes auto-delete protocol of old device logs (>10 days) to improve ongoing storage capacity.

Offers users new storage management menu within device settings to delete files in bulk by type (photo/video/audio).

Optimized watch message memory

Optimized loading of all messages regardless of media type

Loading of last 20 messages instead of 15

Fixes crash issue if all messages are photo/audio

Unknown call detection & security enhancements

Tightens security against unknown calls and messages

Fixes issue with device/parent app displaying any "missed" unknown calls in logs.

Factory reset improvements

Addresses identified issue with data clearing during factory reset.

Establishes complete data cleanse protocol for all factory resets

Time display format updates (12 vs. 24 format option)

Adds a toggle in Settings > Device to allow device user to select between 12hr. vs 24hr time display formats (defaults to 12 hr format)

Time format will be changed accordingly throughout the app (messages, homescreen, etc.)

SIM detection improvements

Updates protocols to show "no SIM" message if the devices does not read IMSI or SIM is inserted incorrectly.

Helps users more quickly identify if something is wrong with SIM connection or insertion.

Media gallery updates (filter by type)

Provides UI enhancements in the media gallery

Offers users a new filter on the top row of the media gallery select only certain types of files (audio/video/photo).