New updates

We're always improving and adding new features. Check out what to expect from our newest updates.

New feature highlights

New ringtones

Now you can choose between 5 fun ringtones and 3 different text tones to make JrTrack yours.

Optimized calling

We're beta testing an optimized calling feature for those with calling and connectivity issues.

Enhanced GPS

We've increased the location accuracy of the GPS Tracking.

Updated app look

We've completely redesigned the Mission Control Parent App with a more modern look.

Parent app

Version 2.2

February 21st, 2023

New pairing screens
New App icon

Bug Fixes
Password recovery email fixed
School Mode day bug fixed

JrTrack smartwatch

Firmware v1129

November 29th, 2022

New startup animation
"Device is muted" displays on homescreen if muted
New UI/UX for Home screen
New startup/loading screen designs
Added 5 new wallpapers (Shapes theme)

Bug Fixes
Various optimized calling bug fixes
Sounds and Volumes fixes
Ability to send VoIP logs to devs

Parent app

Version 1.7

May 2nd, 2022

On map, selected device is now highlighted in blue
Improved message when permissions are needed for camera during QR code scan

Bug Fixes
Step goals cropping
School mode edit screen cropping
Safe zone set to wrong device
Crash when setting monitoring time
Language not supported error
Hide "+" when more than 10 safe zones

JrTrack smartwatch

Firmware v0802

August 5th, 2022

911 feature enhancement
New UI/UX for Audio recorder
New UI/UX for Home screen
New UI/UX for App Drawer
New UI/UX for Notifications
Long press on delete in Calculator clears input field
GPS will wake up when App asks for new location
Added 5 new wallpapers

Bug Fixes
Calculator crash when entering extra long numbers
Step counter - Forced reset daily
Crash fix when trying to view image in chat
Crash fix when deleting some emojis