Founder / CEO: Russell York

Russell started his career in telecommunications and security. After returning from Afghanistan in 2014 where he worked on the advisor team to the commander of US and NATO forces, he began work in the private sector helping Silicon Valley companies grow their businesses. After seeing large public and private sector organizations squander enormous budgets on misguided initiatives, Russell decided to put his own stamp on technology. His goal was simple: find a problem where the solution goes against all of the orthodoxy of big tech. Kids smartwatches are exactly that. These devices have to be customized for very specific users where data privacy is of utmost importance, and where you can never use that data for advertising. Russell is motivated to build a business that by its very existence proves that technology can and should be done differently.


COO: Michelle Wright

From Teach For America to Apple to the top consulting firms and startups in the world, Michelle has been at the forefront of technology and education. She is motivated by a desire to see business do good, not just for customers but for communities and for the world. From her time working on women’s health issues in India to teaching in Nashville’s inner city, Michelle has seen how human problems have human solutions. Technology should empower people. COSMO Smartwatch is immensely personal to Michelle who is active in the foster community in Denver and knows first hand how much kids need to be connected with their parents. Michelle holds a M.Ed (Lipscomb University) and an MBA (Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management).


Product Manager: Marissa Tinsley

An experienced manager, talented organizer and advocate for the environment and animal welfare, Marissa has been an integral team member at COSMO since day 1. Her attention to detail is why customers tell their friends about us. There has not been a customer yet that she hasn’t gone the extra mile for and she sets a shining example for everyone she works with about why we do what we do. From gardening in her free time to taking pics of her pup Henry at cute moments, Marissa has her priorities straight. There’s no one who gets more joy from helping others!