COSMO JrTrack™ Kids Smart Watch new

$49.99 $99.99

COSMO Smartwatch isn't just a cell phone alternative, it's the safest way to introduce your little one to the future.

Give the gift of independence. It’s like holding your child’s hand no matter where they are. Take back the neighborhood, let them explore -- COSMO will go with them wherever they play.

Our proprietary COSMO software is firewalled against internet browsing, social media apps and adult content. It's a powerful smart device that connects your child with only the people you choose.

The COSMO Smartwatch has its own cellular connection and phone number. But we listened to parents and made a device without any compromises. No internet, no unapproved contacts, no social media. Plus, COSMO's powerful, free parental control application allows you to set calling preferences, monitor activity, set location notifications, share photos, and more. Their first phone number only works for you and those you approve.