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JrTrack 3 Kids Smart Watch

The #1 Phone & GPS Tracker for Kids

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  • Only $9.99/mo dataplan for your first 6 months
  • Family-safe unlimited talk, text, & data
  • All-in-one text, photo, & video messaging
  • Parent-approved contacts only
  • GPS tracking, SafeZones, & location history
  • 15 day risk-free guarantee!

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Features families love

  • Nationwide calling with FlexSIM technology
  • Text, picture, video, and voice messaging
  • GPS tracking & SafeZones
  • SOS mode & 911 calling (optional)
  • Approved contacts only
  • School Mode (No distractions!)
  • Pedometer & activity goals
  • Reminders & alarms
  • Customizable wallpapers & ringtones
  • 2 MP front-facing camera
  • IP68 water resistant to one meter
  • FlexSIM for enhanced signal
  • US, Canada, & Mexico coverage
  • NO social media or open internet
  • Mission Control parent app

Service plan details

  • Get a FREE JrTrack 3  on this limited time offer only! 
  • Includes nationwide coverage & unlimited talk, text, and data for just $9.99/month for 6 months, then $17.99/mo. 

*Plus one-time activation fee of $9.99

Try risk free

  • Free shipping & returns on all JrTrack orders!
  • 15 day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee

What's in the box

  • JrTrack 3 Watch 
  • Black wrist band
  • Charging Cord
  • Screen Protectors (2x)
  • Quick Start Set Up Guide
  • Stickers!


Confident connection. Powerful protection.

A smart watch for kids. An app for parents. The perfect solution you’ve been looking for.

GPS Tracking

Check your child's location wherever they go, set SafeZone notifications, and see location history.

Talk & Text

Stay safely connected any time with unlimited calling, text, & voice messaging across North America!

Approved Contacts

Easily manage trusted contacts from your app. JrTrack auto-blocks unknown numbers.

School Mode

JrTrack is perfect for little students! Set School Mode hours to limit features and distractions.


Your child is always safe with our four-front safety system: SOS alerts, 911, SafeZones, and unknown call blocking.

Photo & Video

Never miss a moment! JrTrack 3 has an upgraded camera for capturing photos and videos any time!

Step Counter

Build healthy habits with JrTrack's built in pedometer. Plus add and track step goals in the parent app.

Water Resistant

JrTrack 3 is adventure ready with upgraded durability and IP68 water resistance up to 1 meter for 30 mins.

Discover what's new with JrTrack

More durable

IP68 Water Resistance

More resolution

Improved camera

More intuitive

Sleek new design

More memory

Expanded 8GB capacity

More sharing

photo, voice, & messages

More connected

FlexSIM Technology

More durable

IP68 water resistant

More resolution

Improved camera

More intuitive

Sleek new design

More memory

8GB capacity

More sharing

Photo, voice, video

More connected

FlexSIM Technology


The best connection, 

built for family.

Enhanced Reliability

Unlimited Everything

Upgraded Messaging


One SIM. 

Every signal.

Groundbreaking FlexSIM™ technology gives you access to every major tower signal with one simple plan. JrTrack 3 is engineered to seamlessly adjust coverage to ensure your child has the strongest signal available. It's all-in-one connection built for family, only with COSMO.


The most reliable connection. 

COSMO Mobile is the all-in-one service plan engineered to give you the best connection at a family-right price. All plans include unlimited talk, text, and data.

NEW: JrTrack 3 on COSMO Mobile plans include international coverage across the US, Mexico, and Canada.   🇲🇽 🇺🇸 🇨🇦


More ways to say 

"I ❤️ you"

JrTrack gives you more ways to stay connected! With custom pre-set messages, a full keyboard, plus voice, video, and picture messages, its the perfect start to meaningful connection.

1995 Simple.

2024 Smart.

Simple for parents. Safe for kids. Perfect for family.


Water resistant

Get ready for more adventures. JrTrack 3 is built for fun with enhanced durability and certified IP68 water-resistant up to 1 meter. Forget the worry and grab the sprinkler, it’s time to play!


Never miss a moment.

We’ve upgraded JrTrack 3’s camera with more resolution for better photos and video. Safe sharing never looked so good!

Safety, meet style.


Build healthy habits


Build healthy habits

Set step goals in the parent app and see activity levels over time. Your child can also check in on their progress throughout the day from their watch.

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

COSMO: Mission Control is the hub for your family's connected life. Call, message, check location, set SafeZones, manage approved contacts, and more. It's a parent's new best friend.

School Mode

When School Mode is on, distractions are gone. Easily setup a school mode schedule right from the parent app, which locks all watch functions except SOS alerts!

The #1 Safety Watch for Kids

Because parents know 

you can't be too safe.

Exclusively with COSMO

SOS Mode


911 Capable

Contact Approvals

COSMO is peace of mind in the palm of your hand. SOS mode allows your child to quickly and discreetly notify you in an emergency

Live Tracking

Once SOS mode is activated, the watch will start pinging live location for the following 15 minutes so you know exactly where your child is.

Silent Ring

While SOS is active, calls will automatically be answered with no ringing,  giving you access to hear what’s happening. 

Set a SafeZone for periodic location updates! With a custom geofence area set for frequent locations like school or home, you'll receive notifications when your child enters or leaves!

With JrTrack, your child can always call for help. Toggle 911 calling on in the watch settings to allow your child to call in case of emergency. 

You're in control

JrTrack lets you decide when your child is ready for the responsibility of 911 access. Easily toggle the option on or off, so emergency safety is ready when they are. 

Start with safety

Safety is essential, and JrTrack is the perfect tool to help prepare your child step by step to be ready in an emergency.

Safety comes standard with JrTrack. With trusted contact management, you control who can contact your child. Add approved contacts and guardians right from your Mission Control app, and know your child’s watch automatically blocks calls and texts any unknown number.

What makes COSMO different? 


When we set out to build the best smartwatch for kids, it actually started with a lot of questions: 

What does it really mean to be a kid? Remember the good old days of flip phones and T-9 texting? What if we took 1995 simple and made it 2024 smart (oh, and safe)? What if kids took back the neighborhood and parents didn’t have to worry so much? 

Could a kids smartwatch really do all that? We thought so. So we got to work. 

We tried every kids wearable out there. We talked to parents, teachers, tech & security experts, and most importantly, kids! And then we started building, with an absolute commitment to engineering something from the ground up, completely safe and beautifully simple.

Ultimately, JrTrack is so much more than a kids smart watch. It's a safer, smarter start. It's peace of mind for parents. And it's all to help bring families like yours closer together.


Why families are choosing COSMO

The best smartwatch for kids

How it works

Connection as easy as 1-2-3

1) A phone for kids

JrTrack is the award-winning safe phone & GPS tracker kids can wear. It's a kid's perfect first device. 

2) An app for parents

Your child's watch pairs seamlessly with the Mission Control Parent App, so you can easily see everything in one place.

3) A plan for connection

Stay connected any time, anywhere by activating your JrTrack watch with a COSMO Mobile plan with unlimited talk, text, and data.

The above comparisons are based on standard sales pricing and may not reflect seasonal discounts or deals. For latest offers, check COSMO, Verizon, and Gabb websites.

Tech Specs


1.4” touchscreen

240 x 240 pixels (~240 ppi)

Water resistance







3.8v 600mAh Lithium-ion 


1.3GHz dual-core





Frequently asked

Does JrTrack 3 have GPS tracking?
Yes! GPS tracking is a central feature on all JrTrack watches. With JrTrack 3 you can check your child's location any time using the companion Mission Control parent app. It's also where you can set custom geofence SafeZone areas to receive periodic updates when they enter or leave designated areas.
What safety features does JrTrack 3 have?
Safety is at the core of JrTrack 3. Only COSMO offers SafeCORE which is a four-front set of safety features to make sure your child has the best protection right on their wrist:

- SafeZone Alerts: Set custom GPS geofence zones and receive check-in alerts when your child enters or leaves.
- 911 Calling: JrTrack watches are equipped with 911 calling capabilities which can be toggled on/off by parents in the settings.
- SOS Mode: Children can quickly and discreetly notify their primary contact by double tapping the power button on their JrTrack.
- Trusted Contract List: JrTrack is firewalled against unknown numbers to keep your child protected. Only parent/guardian approved contacts are allowed through.
Does JrTrack 3 have texting?
Absolutely! With JrTrack 3 you can send texts with customized pre-set options (customizable via the Mission Control parent app) or with COSMO's keypad for free typing! You can also send emojis, voice messages, videos, and picture messages.
What is True Texting?

True Texting means you're be able to send and receive messages directly from your standard phone messaging app instead of using the Mission Control app!

JrTrack 3 users are also be able to message any approved contact, not just guardians using the Mission Control app. That means...

- True SMS & MMS texting via your normal phone app 
- Same standard trusted contact approvals for child protection
- Texting to all parent/guardian approved contacts 
- Send/receive texts & pictures!
What is FlexSIM? 
FlexSIM is COSMO's groundbreaking new SIM technology that provides more reliable coverage nationwide. With FlexSIM, your child's watch is engineered to seamlessly flex across all major carrier network signals, automatically optimizing connection for the strongest signal in the area. That means more coverage and more reliability, wherever they go. Only with COSMO Mobile!
Does JrTrack 3 work outside the US? 
COSMO is available for sale in the US and Canada. However, JrTrack 3 with FlexSIM technology means families can access coverage across the US, Mexico, and Canada!
Is JrTrack 3 waterproof? 
JrTrack 3 is more durable and adventure ready! While it's not fully waterproof, JrTrack 3 has an upgraded IP68 certification to resist water for up to 1 meter for 30 minutes (compared to IP67 for JrTrack 2). While JrTrack 3 is more durable than ever, we still recommend avoiding full submersion from swimming, bathing, etc. for best performance.
Can JrTrack watches call each other?
You bet! All JrTrack 2, JrTrack 2 SE, and JrTrack 3 watches can call each other as long as a parent/guardian adds another JrTrack watch as an approved contact via the Mission Control app.
What age is JrTrack 3 for?
JrTrack 3 is build to be the best, safest, smartest first device for kids. We recommend ages 6-11 as best fit for JrTrack 3.
Can JrTrack 3 call 9-1-1?
It can - and you can toggle this option on or off! It's a dangerous world so we've made it easy to set up emergency calling as an option for your child. In your JrTrack 2 and JrTrack 3 watch settings parents can toggle emergency calling "ON" or "OFF" which will add/remove 911 as a contact option for your child within the calling app.
Will JrTrack 3 work with any phone?
Yes, JrTrack 3 is compatible with any smartphone with iOS (Apple) or Android (Samsung, etc.). All you need to do is download the COSMO Mission Control parent app from Google Play/Apple App Store and pair your activated JrTrack watch with active service through COSMO Mobile (see our Activate Page for details). Using the Mission Control app on your phone, you'll be able to see your child's location, manage settings, approve contacts, and more!
Does JrTrack 3 have a lock mode?
It does! JrTrack 3 allows the primary admin/guardian to set School Mode times - this setting will limit the functions of the watch to telling time and activating SOS during designated times/days.
Can JrTrack 3 record videos or make video calls?
JrTrack 3 has a front-facing camera for taking pictures and recording video. Kids can send pictures to any approved contacts via messages. However, JrTrack 3 does not currently support video calling.
Can I customize my JrTrack watch?
Definitely! With JrTrack 3 you can customize:
- Watch bands
- Home screen wallpapers
- Ring tones & text tones
- Add profile pictures for kids and approved contacts in the Mission Control app

Connect with confidence.

Thousands of families trust COSMO for safety safety & connection that brings everyone closer. Try it for your family 100% risk-free for 15 days and love it or your money back.