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What Is COSMO JrTrack™ Smart Watch For Kids?

COSMO JrTrack Smart Watch™ is a durable, comfortable smart watch for kids. The simple interface is easy to use for kids as young as five years old, and your child will be excited to have their own phone number. Easy voice and video calls let you check in with your child, and GPS tracking allows you to locate them at any time.

Kids today are the most connected and tech-savvy generation to date. It’s no surprise many children want smart watches just like their parents wear, but they may not be ready for the typical adult smart device. If you're looking to protect your child from early access to the Internet and world of apps, the COSMO JrTrack Smartwatch offers a durable, safe, and affordable device.

smartwatch for kids

A Smart Watch For Kids That's Better Than A Cell Phone

COSMO JrTrack™ Smart Watch for kids is a safer alternative to a smartphone or smart watch for children. It gives them the freedom to use the watch for communication with friends and family, while the safety features protect them and give you peace of mind.

Giving a cell phone to a younger child can sometimes leave them vulnerable. Anyone can contact your kids on a regular cell phone, including scammers or other criminals. Our increased security features include no internet connectivity—so no one can gain access to your child or their data. Your kids won’t be able to download games, talk to people you haven’t approved, or browse the internet from their watch. This also makes it easier for you to ensure your child isn’t talking to strangers.

smartwatch for kids

COSMO JrTrack™ Has Built-In GPS Tracking Features

With nationwide GPS tracking and geofencing, you can use the COSMO JrTrack™ Smart Watch to locate your child whenever you want. That means no more panicking if your child wanders off while in a public place. Instead of trying to guess which way the child went, you can pull up the COSMO Mission control app, and the GPS function will lead you straight to your child. No more worrying that your child will sneak out and get hurt!

Another helpful safety feature is to use the fencing option in the COSMO App to receive alerts if your child leaves a designated area, such as your home, a friend’s house, their school or daycare, etc. Need to make sure your child is okay or find out why they left a designated area? Call your child on their Smart Watch for kids. With crystal clear audio or video, you can even talk while they’re out riding bikes or playing with other kids.

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COSMO JrTrack™ Keeps You In Control

The COSMO JrTrack™ blocks all internet access and social media apps. Your kids won’t be able to download games, talk to people you haven’t approved, or browse the internet from their watch. Your child can only contact those who you have approved, and you can even set it up so your child’s smartwatch automatically answers when you call. In addition to controlling who they communicate with, you can also set limits to their screen time, and use the GPS function to keep track of where they are. 

The COSMO app “Mission Control,” available for Apple and Android devices, allows you to interface with your child’s COSMO JrTrack™ Smart Watch. Here you can message your child, or make a voice or video call to them. You can also pull up their GPS info to make sure they’re in school, at a friend’s house, etc. Or you can browse their past location history. While you’re there, you can use the geofencing feature to set up future “safe zones” and choose to get alerts when your child leaves these areas.

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COSMO JrTrack™ SOS Mode Keeps Kids Safe

Let’s face it: Children can get into all kinds of trouble. A little mischief is usually nothing to worry about, but what about when your child is faced with real danger? SOS mode to the rescue! With the push of a button, your child's smartwatch instantly calls the emergency contacts you created.

When SOS mode is activated on the COSMO Smart watch for kids, it automatically triggers voice recording, so that you can hear exactly what is going on. It also automatically triggers a video call, so you can see what's going on as well.

smartwatch for kids

COSMO JrTrack™ Smart Watch for Kids is Affordable

Not sure if COSMO JrTrack Smart Watch is right for your family? With our customer-friendly return policy, you can try it out for 30 days, and return it within that time period if it doesn’t work for you and your child. To request a return, simply contact within 30 days of receipt of the Cosmo JrTrack Smart Watch for kids. We’ll provide you with a shipping label for easy returns. Once we receive the smart watch back, we’ll refund the purchase price, including the data plan.

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Parents Love COSMO JrTrack™ Smart Watch for Kids

smartwatch for kids

Leaving a Better Planet For Our Kids

It's been said we are only borrowing the earth from our kids. Here at COSMO we believe we have a responsibility to do good. It would be the height of hypocrisy to design products to protect our kids on the one hand while polluting their future with the other. Read more about our partnership with rePurpose Global to clean up the most plastic-impacted environments in the world.

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