The safest way to keep
family together.

Mission Control App Preview

Finally, there's a better, safer way for families to stay connected. We're a different kind of tech company on a mission to help give kids more freedom, and parents more peace of mind.

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The kids smartwatch that changes everything.

COSMO's JrTrack 2 is the groundbreaking kids smartwatch that's helping thousands of families stay safe and connected without compromise.

Peace of mind in the
palm of your hand.

With the JrTrack 2 kids smartwatch and Mission
Control parent app, you have everything you need
for worry free connection.

  • GPS


    Tracking, Location History & SafeZones

  • 4G


    Nationwide Calling,
    Text & Voice Messaging

  • SOS


    Alerts & Live

Product Spotlight

Power to the Parents

Power to the Parents

COSMO: Mission Control is the hub for your
family's connected life. Call, message, check location,
set SafeZones, manage approved contacts, and
more. It's a parent's new best friend.

" Younger children tend to be more trusting, which can
lead them down a vulnerable rabbit hole if not supervised.
I recommend a closed ecosystem kids' smartwatch such as
COSMO that provides parents the tools to feel

- Forbes

100% Plastic Neutral

We're committed to protecting kids as
well as the planet we'll leave them. That's
why we're proud to work with
RePurpose Global and commit to plastic

Plastic Neutral

Plastic Neutral

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Family-First Tech Revolution

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