For kids growing up too fast in a digital world, there’s COSMO.

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For kids growing up too fast in a digital world, there’s COSMO.

Shop JrTrack 2

For kids growing up too fast in a digital world, there’s COSMO.

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It’s not rocket science

Just the best first phone for kids.

COSMO's JrTrack 2™ is the groundbreaking kids GPS smartwatch that's helping thousands of families stay safe and connected without compromise.

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We’re just built different

Forget compromise with the other guys. With COSMO, you get it all.

All the connection

Calling, texting, & voice messaging on our family-safe network

None of the bad stuff

No games, social media, open internet, or calls from strangers

Safe & secure

Fully encrypted and COPPA compliant

Built by the best

Built by pros, configured for parents, and tested by kids (the real pros)

Peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

With the JrTrack 2 kids smartwatch and Mission Control parent app, you have everything you need for worry-free connection and peace of mind.




Younger children tend to be more trusting, which can lead them down a vulnerable rabbit hole if not supervised. I recommend a closed ecosystem kids' smartwatch such as COSMO that provides parents the tools to feel comfortable.”


Power to the parents

COSMO: Mission Control is the hub for your family's connected life. Call, message, check location, set SafeZones, manage approved contacts, and more. It's a parent's new best friend.

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We call it #bettertech

Finally, there's a better, safer way for families to stay connected. We're a different kind of tech company on a mission to help give kids more freedom, and parents more peace of mind.

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