We're sorry to see you go

Before you go, please reach out to our support team to see if we can solve your issue! We're available over email at support@cosmotogether.com or by phone at 877-215-4741 between 9am-6pm Eastern Time, Monday-Friday. If you'd rather simply cancel, please continue by filling out the form at the bottom of the page.

Upcoming updates
We're always working to improve both JrTrack and the parent app. Here's a sneak peek of things we're working on!
App Redesign
The COSMO: Mission Control parent app is getting brand new look!
Battery Life Improvements
More power for more connection! We'll be releasing a software update for improved JrTrack battery life!
Add a Buddy!
JrTrack is getting a buddy upgrade! You'll be able to call and text from watch to watch (with parental approval)