See what's new in the latest releases for both JrTrack and the Mission Control parent app. 

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Version 3.1

November 19th, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Start timer button only appears when the timer is set
  • The Emergency Calling screen fits into the same page.
  • Menu items with long names now horizontal scroll.
  • Removed ‘select all’ from messages.
  • New calls showing on top of missed notification.
  • Power off button stops a playing video or audio file.
  • Step counter now reset overnight.
  • Long names on call screens are now scrolling.


  • Improved bootup UX
  • New FW update text showing ‘Installing System Update’
  • New UI for call screen
  • Hide the call volume button until the call is answered
  • In call volume control enhancement
  • Silence call ringer using power button
  • Increased default call volume
  • Added ability to share a photo from gallery view
  • Decreased the default screen off time to 15 seconds
  • New font size selection ability
  • Improved 'Mute All' settings
  • Improved the pair device experience from Settings
  • Added spamming prevention

Version 2.5

August 29th, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Activation Email fixed
  • Time zone issue for Hawaii fixed
  • Clock format 12/24 hours glitch fixed
  • SIM activation and pairing email triggers fixed


  • Improved app-device comms reliability
  • UI refresh (messages, gallery, calculator & more)
  • Reorganize device settings menus
  • Message list sort order update
  • Watch now shows call length
  • Long Wi-Fi names will now scroll to view all
  • New wallpapers - animals theme
  • Select or send a photo from messages
  • Update Call Network options based on SIM Type
  • New low storage alert
  • Updated emoji screen

Version 2.2

February 22nd, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Forgot password email case-sensitivity glitch fixed
  • School mode bug fixes


  • New pairing screens
  • New app icon