JrTrack™ Watch Band

$9.99 USD

Mix & match your style! With great color options in both a silicone and velcro style, you can customize JrTrack in way that makes it truly yours.

Color: Orange Silicone

Orange Silicone
Blue Silicone
Black Silicone
Pink Silicone
Purple Silicone
Blue Velcro
Black Velcro
Pink Velcro
Sage Velcro
Red Velcro
Neon Velcro
Rainbow Velcro


Can COSMO watch bands fit on any JrTrack watch?

Yes! Both the Comfort-Fit and the Active-Fit Bands are compatible with JrTrack 1, 2 and 2 SE.

What is the difference between Active Fit and Comfort Fit bands?

Comfort-Fit bands are made with a soft Synthetic Fabric, and are secured with Velcro. Active-Fit bands are made of premium silicone, and have a buckle and tuck-away design.

How do I change bands on a JrTrack watch?

We’ve linked a video above on how to change the bands. You can use a paperclip or pencil to push the pins in on the Active fit, or use the built-in handle lever on the Comfort-Fit.