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JrTrack™ Watch Band

JrTrack™ Watch Band


Color :

Active-Fit Silicone

Orange Silicone
Blue Silicone
Black Silicone
Pink Silicone
Purple Silicone

Comfort-Fit Velcro

Blue Velcro
Black Velcro
Pink Velcro
Sage Velcro
Red Velcro
Yellow Velcro
Rainbow Velcro
Keep JrTrack 2 looking fresh by picking up a few extra bands! Swapping out the bands is easy, and you'll be accessorized in no time. You can even mix and match case & band colors that aren't sold together! What combos will you choose?


Discover the new premium soft-feel, kid-
friendly velcro band onthe JrTrack 2 SE.

How to swap bands

Band new.

Can COSMO watch bands fit on any JrTrack watch?

Yes! Both the Comfort-Fit and the Active-Fit Bands are compatible with JrTrack 1, 2 and 2 SE.

What is the difference between Active Fit and Comfort Fit bands?

Comfort-Fit bands are made with a soft Synthetic Fabric, and are secured with Velcro. Active-Fit bands are made of premium silicone, and have a buckle and tuck-away design.

How do I change bands on a JrTrack watch?

We’ve linked a video above on how to change the bands. You can use a paperclip or pencil to push the pins in on the Active fit, or use the built-in handle lever on the Comfort-Fit.