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JrTrack™ Watch Band

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  • Compatible with all models of JrTrack
  • Easy to swap between bands
  • ActiveFit (silicone) or ComfortFit (fabric) styles

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Make it yours.

Make it yours.


Our active-fit band is made of premium silicone. It features a stainless steel buckle that give this band excellent sizing and a secure fit. 


Our comfort-fit band is made of a soft, woven fabric. It features convenient velcro strips that make it easy to use.

Frequently asked

Can I put these bands on any JrTrack?

Yes! Both the Comfort-Fit and the Active-Fit Bands are compatible with JrTrack 1, 2, SE and 3!

What is the difference between Active-Fit & Comfort-Fit?

Comfort-Fit bands are made with a soft Synthetic Fabric, and are secured with Velcro. Active-Fit bands are made of premium silicone, and have a buckle and tuck-away design.

How do I swap bands on JrTrack?

We’ve linked a video on how to change the bands. You can use a paperclip or pencil to push the pins in on the Active fit, or use the built-in handle lever on the Comfort-Fit.