Returns & Cancellations

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If you are no longer interested in continuing to use your device/service with COSMO, please review our cancellations and returns policy below and proceed with the steps outlined.

Cancellations & Returns Policy Summary

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • COSMO offers a 15 day money back guarantee from the point of device activation. Customers have this full period to test their device(s) and reach out to COSMO to submit a request for cancellation/return. 
  • Requests for refunds on COSMO Mobile service plans cannot be honored beyond this window and are subject to the terms of the contract that you signed up under.
  • Devices must be in good working order and in original packaging to initiate a return and receive full refund within 30 days of delivery.

Amazon, Buy with Prime, or Walmart Returns/Cancellations

  • Device returns to Amazon, Walmart, etc. are subject to each service’s return window/policy. You must initiate a device return from the provider where you purchased your watch.
  • Returns to Amazon or Walmart do not automatically initiated cancellation of your COSMO Mobile service plan. You must follow the additional steps outlined below in order to request cancelation of service.
  • Any requests to cancel service beyond the 15 Day Money Back Guarantee window will be subject to the full contract costs as agreed to.

Cancellation Review

Requests for cancellation/return will be based on this policy and may require review for policy compliance before acceptance.

See our full terms and conditions here. 

Start a Return

Where did you buy your device?

Amazon, Buy with Prime, Walmart

Step 1: Return your device to Amazon

Initiate a return of your device via Amazon/Walmart per standard return policies.

Step 2: Cancel your plan

Use the link below to also submit a cancellation request for your COSMO Mobile cellular service plan (subject to contract terms agreed to at activation)

COSMO Website

Step 1: Return & Cancellation

Click the link below to start a return & cancellation request for your device and/or COSMO Mobile cellular service plan.

(subject to contract terms agreed to at activation)

Plan cancellation only

Not returning? Submit a cancellation request for your COSMO Mobile service plan. Our team will be in touch!

File a shipping claim

Missing a package? Did your item arrive damaged?