Imagine a better world where technology is built for family.

Our mission

We're passionate about building a new generation of tools that bring families closer together - because we believe that kids & parents deserve better. It's about much more than technology. It's giving kids the freedom to be kids, giving parents confidence & peace of mind, and giving families the tools they need to grow together, one step at a time.

The problem we're solving

In a big-tech world that's built on addictive algorithms and selling clicks, it's easy to feel like no one is fighting for families. In our world, kids are either disconnected or too connected, all because no one has put the unique needs of kids & parents first.

Until now...


We believe #BetterTech begins with a committment to families.

Starting smart

We believe that the right start means everything. We're passionate about giving kids and families better options for growing, learning, and thriving in the digital world of today.

Building better

We're building from the ground up. No white-labeled solutions or band-aid parental controls. We're building a new kind of protected ecosystem for families, making safety, security, and affordability central.

Protecting kids

Kids need safe connection that is (image this...) actually built for kids! We're committed to a future with better, smarter options for families to help protect, guide, inspire, and grow with kids every step of the way.

Empowering parents

Parents are the true all-stars, and we're here to support you and the amazing work you do. At COSMO, we're committed to giving every parent & caregiver the right tools for raising kids in a digital world.

How we're building a better today

COSMO is a different kind of technology company that's reinventing the future of connection to make sure families come first. We design and build innovative technology solutions from the ground up to help keep kids safe and families connected.

How we're building a better future

We started by asking ourselves "how can tech be designed different for kids and families?" Then we consulted parents, kids, teachers and security experts and the message was clear: families need better options for raising kids and staying connected in a digital world.

The start of that journey is a smarter start for kids and families: our best-selling JrTrack Kids Smartwatch. It's a simple, reliable, powerful, and affordable way for parents and kids to stay connected and secure.

It's a kid's perfect first device, and just the first step on the journey to a #bettertech future for families like yours.


At COSMO we're a team of parents, teachers, entrepreneurs, tech gurus, dog lovers, and more. We're passionate about family and building a better world with products that keep kids and parents safe and connected. Because we're better together!

Russell York

CEO / Co-Founder

Shil Sondagar


Ryan Gilles

Director of Brand & Marketing