Our Mission: Bringing Families Closer Together

The COSMO Story

COSMO started at a small kitchen table with a big question: how can technology help bring families together? In a big-tech world that’s built on screen addiction, selling clicks, and social media saturation, it’s easy to feel like no one is fighting for families.

COSMO is a different kind of technology company that’s reinventing the future of family-first technology for parents and kids. We’re a passionate team of parents, former teachers, technologists, entrepreneurs, dog lovers, and more. And just like you, we were tired of families having to make compromises.

We believe that families deserve better. It’s about much more than technology: it’s about giving kids the freedom to be kids, giving parents confidence and peace of mind, and giving families the tools they need to thrive.


How We’re Building a Better Future

Reimagining Family-First Technology

We started by asking ourselves “what should a kids device be like?” Then we consulted parents, kids, teachers and security experts and stripped away all of our preconceived notions about what a smartwatch should be.

The result is our flagship JrTrack Kids Smartwatch: A simple, reliable, powerful, and affordable way for parents and kids to stay connected. With 4G nationwide calling, voice and text messaging, pinpoint GPS tracking, and protection from non-approved contacts or social media, it has everything kids and parents need - and just as important, nothing they don’t. We custom engineered the JrTrack from the ground up to be a parents best friend and a kid’s perfect first device. 

It's just the first step on our mission to help bring families like yours closer together.