Always fun, always safe

To give children their freedom back. Freedom to explore and freedom from the influence of addictive screens, adult content and unknown people in the internet age. COSMO exists to create a safe technology entry point for children and families.

COSMO is reinventing technology for kids and families. We don’t repackage adult technology, put some cartoons on it and call it a kids device. That method has been incredibly detrimental as kids can bypass filters, access hidden apps and receive unsolicited messages from strangers. 

Instead, we asked ourselves “what should a kids device be like?” From there we consulted parents, kids, teachers and security experts and stripped away all of our preconceived notions about what a smartwatch should be.

Here is what we found out: most kids between the ages of 5 and 10 are starting to make their own friends but the most important people in their lives are still their parents. That means we have a golden opportunity to introduce young kids to technology in a healthy, parent-supervised way before peer pressure and fitting in becomes so important.

COSMO believes technology can come without baggage; without caveats and excuses. Every device should be a perfect match for its user. For kids that means building powerful technology but exclusively with child-oriented functionality.

No Internet Browsing = Internet Safety for Kids

The COSMO Smartwatch isn’t just firewalled from the internet, it is incapable of browsing it. The device doesn’t come with an app store, so social media will never be accessible. Parental controls not only come standard, but 80% of the Smartwatch’s functions involve communicating with the COSMO parent app on your iOS or Android phone.

The startling reality is the average age that kids get their first phone has dropped rapidly in the last decade. Today over half of 10 year olds have their own device and internet access. Parents are universally wary of the consequences not just of the internet, but the addictive qualities of those screens. 

Whatever we have gained from the tech revolution, the consequences of not being more aware of the unique needs of children has left them both vulnerable and largely underserved. Here at COSMO we are designing for kids and we are excited to have the opportunity to serve you and your family.