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We're here to help! Contact our support team, check out the user guide, or browse our FAQ.  

We're here to help! Contact our support team, check out the user guide, or browse our FAQs.  

JrTrack 2 User Guide

Everything you need to know about JrTrack 2 and the parent app.

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Frequently asked questions
What are common troubleshooting steps for my watch?
If you experience any issues with your watch, there are a few simple steps that help most customers! Give the below steps a try first. 

If you continue to experience issues, please contact our Customer Service team with the form on this page, or call us at 877-215-4741 (M-F 9am-6pm EST)

1) Restart Your Watch: Hold the power button on the side of the watch for 5 seconds and tap “Restart”. This is the most common issue fix!

2) Turn Wi-Fi On: On the watch, swipe right to Settings (gear icon) and select Wi-Fi from the menu to toggle “On”. This often helps improve GPS location accuracy!

3) Make Sure Your Watch is Up-To-Date: On the watch, swipe to Settings (gears icon) and select Updates. If a software update is available select Download and Install Now to update to the latest version.
I'm having trouble with calling / connection. What should I do?
Having problems with calls not connecting, dropped calls, etc.? We can help! You may be a great candidate for our new Optimized Calling feature! This new feature is totally free and won't change anything about your COSMO plan. Click the link below to walk through a few quick troubleshooting steps and then set up Optimized Calling - it only takes a minute!

If you need any help along the way, don't hesitate to contact our friendly support team! For fastest service tap the blue chat widget in the bottom right corner! (every day 9am-6pm EST)
What if my GPS is inaccurate/not working correctly?
To help ensure best GPS performance, try these two options

#1: Turn on Wi-Fi
On your JrTrack watch, swipe right to Settings (gears icon) and select Wi-Fi from the menu. Make sure Wifi is toggled ‘On”. Enabling WiFi helps to provide additional signal that will better triangulate your child’s watch location.

#2: Update Your JrTrack Location Frequency
Your JrTrack is set to update location and customizable intervals - from every 15 minutes, to every 60 minutes. Try adjusting these settings for more frequent location updates. To do this, go to the Mission Control Parent app > Open the Menu > Select My Devices > Tap the circle above the map for the device you want to adjust > Tap the small gears icon above the map > Under Device Settings adjust the time intervals for GPS location updates.

If you still experience issues with GPS location accuracy, contact our Support Team pros for help!

Do I need a SIM Card to use my JrTrack watch?
Yes, using your JrTrack requires a SIM card, which is pre-installed and comes with your watch. All you need to do is purchase & activate a COSMO Membership Plan in order to enable service and use all your JrTrack watch features. Visit our full FAQs for more info and our Activate page to purchase a plan.
How do I improve my watch's battery life?
Your JrTrack is equipped with 36 hours of average standby battery life. Battery life will depend on usage but should generally last a full 24 hours. For best battery life, try the following steps:

1) Be sure to charge your JrTrack each night

2) Adjust location settings: Your watch automatically checks & updates location data at customizable intervals. To help improve battery life you can adjust settings in your Mission Control Parent app so location checks occur less frequently (e.g. every 30 minutes instead of every 15). To update settings:
-- Go to the Mission Control Parent App menu
-- Select My Devices and tap the small gears icon above the map for the device you want to adjust
-- Tap Device Settings and select your desired interval. The longer the interval, the less battery is drained.
(note: on your Mission Control App you can always tap "Refresh Location" at any point to check immediate location - these are simply auto-update intervals)
How many contacts can I add?
You can add up to 10 approved contacts. Your child's JrTrack watch is automatically set to block any unapproved numbers, so no worries about unknown callers, messages, or spam calls!
What's the difference between a Contact and a Guardian?
With the Mission Control Parent app, there are two types of contacts you can set:

1) Guardians: Guardians are contacts that will be invited to download the Mission Control Parent app and are be able to call, text, and see the location of your child. Adding a Guardian will automatically send them an invitation to download the Mission Control Parent app and create a profile
-- Perfect for: Spouses, trusted family members, etc.

2) Contacts: Contacts are only able to call your child, and do not need to download the Mission Control app. Contacts are not able to track GPS location or send texts to the watch.
-- Perfect for: Grandparents, friends, aunts/uncles, etc.
How often does the location update?
You can set the location to update every 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes in the parent app under device settings. You can also tap "Refresh Location" at anytime in the parent app to see their current location.
What does SOS Mode do?
Double tap the power button on the watch while on the lock or home screen to activate SOS mode. This will call the main account holder and alert them of the SOS activation. The watch will also begin live tracking, pinging its location every 30 seconds for the next 15 minutes.
How do I turn on/off 911 calling?
Your JrTrack is equipped with optional 911 calling feature for safety. To enable/disable this feature:

-- On the watch, swipe to Settings (gear icon)
-- Scroll down to Device Settings
-- Scroll to 911 Calling and select the desired setting (if the box is checked, 911 is enabled and your child will see 911 as an option at the bottom of their approved contact list in the calling app. If the check box is unchecked, this will be removed)
Will my Optimized Calling phone number be the number I should call when the watch is connected to Wi-Fi and when it's not?
Yes! When you switch to Optimized Calling, that will be the number you contact regardless of if the watch is connected to Wi-Fi or not. 
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