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What is COSMO?

COSMO Technologies is a Denver-based, venture-backed family tech company on a mission to bring families closer together. We're passionate about building better solutions that keep kids safe and families connected. COSMO was founded in 2020; since then we've become a leading company designing and manufacturing electronic devices and software solutions specifically for kids and families, like our award winning COSMO JrTrack kids smart watch. We’re dedicated to building a better future and giving families connection, safety, and peace of mind.

What is #BetterTech?

Today, there’s a growing crisis for families and kids when it comes to technology. From concerns over mental health, childhood developmental, explicit content, cyberbullying, and more, kids are being exposed to addictive and manipulative devices and platforms at earlier and earlier ages. Parents and caregivers often simply need ways to stay connected with kids, but now “connection” comes with so much more.The problem is that families simply haven't had the right step-by-step solutions to help kids grow and thrive in our digital world. That's why we're building an entirely new kind of technology from the ground up, designed specifically for the unique needs of kids and parents. That’s #BetterTech: a simpler, smarter, more thoughtful kind of technology that helps keep kids safe and families connected.

How can I get involved with COSMO?

We'd love for you to join our cause! We’re building an amazing team of passionate parents, advocates, educators, and more. Want to join us and help safely connect kids & families? Visit our Join the Mission page to learn more about our COSMO Advocates affiliate program and how you can earn income by spreading the word. We also love hearing from schools, churches, and other types of groups to explore partnerships of all kinds!

Has COSMO been covered in the news?

We’re thrilled that the story and mission of #bettertech for families is spreading! COSMO has been featured as a best product in SafewiseFatherlySmartwatches.org. We’ve also been featured in New York Times WirecutterDenver 7Into TomorrowForbes, and more.

JrTrack Smartwatch

What does JrTrack do?

JrTrack is our award-winning, fully parent-administered, stand-alone phone + GPS tracker made for kids ages 5-1.

JrTrack is the perfect smartphone alternative for young kids who need safe connection. JrTrack's powerful features include 4G calling & messaging, GPS tracking, custom SafeZone alerts, unknown call blocking, step counter, camera, reminders, and more! And it's all protected from social media or open internet and fully managed from the palm of your hand with the Mission Control Parent app!

Is JrTrack waterproof?

JrTrack is not waterproof, however it is IP67 water resistant. It's safe for light rain and handwashing, but don't take the watch swimming or in the shower. 

What age is JrTrack for?

The JrTrack smartwatch is perfect for kids between the ages of 5-12. It’s the safer, smarter first device for staying connected and introducing your kids to tech one step at a time.

AccordDoes JrTrack have social media, games, or internet?

Nope! JrTrack has no games, no app store, no open internet, and definitely no social media. It's a kids perfect first device! 

How many contacts can you add on the JrTrack?

JrTrack can hold up to 10 parent-approved contacts. Parents can add two types of approved contacts:

- Contacts: Can only call the watch (no location tracking or texting)

- Guardians: Can call, text, and use GPS tracking (must download the Mission Control parent app)

Can JrTrack call 911?

Yes! JrTrack has the ability to call 911. You can turn this on and off in the settings of the device. To do this, open the JrTrack 2 settings app, then tap "Device". Next, scroll down until you see "Enable 911 Calling". A checked box will enable 911 calling in the phone app, and an unchecked box will disable it. Stay safe!

Can I change out the watch bands on JrTrack?

Yes! Swapping wrist band colors is a fun way to customize your JrTrack! To change the band, all you’ll need is a safety pin or paper clip and insert the tip in one of the small holes at the base of the watch/strap connection point. See our helpful how-to video for step by step instructions.

What is included in the box with JrTrack?

When you order a JrTrack smartwatch from COSMO, you’ll receive the following items included in the box:

- JrTrack Smartwatch

- The watch band (this is automatically included based on the watch color option you select)

- Charging cable

- Quick Start instructions

- 2 free screen protectors

- 2 free stickers!

Can I use JrTrack with my phone?

You bet! You can use COSMO with any iOS or Android smartphone. The JrTrack kids smart watch is a standalone phone with it's own pre-installed SIM card and phone number that pairs with the Mission Control parent app, available for download on Android or iOS smartphones. To use COSMO, you'll simply purchase a COSMO Membership service plan to activate the SIM card in your JrTrack watch, then download the Mission Control parent app and pair with your JrTrack watch. With the app you can:

- Add approved contacts and guardians

- See and track live location

- Set custom SafeZones and alerts

- Adjust settings

- Set Class Mode times (limit watch functions to calling/SOS to prevent distractions)

- Set reminders & alarms.

Membership and service

When do I purchase a COSMO membership?

COSMO Membership plans are purchased once you receive your JrTrack watch. You'll need JrTrack in-hand to activate a plan, which connects your watch's SIM card with cellular service. Simply head to ourActivate page, check out our full setup video guide, and follow the steps to get your watch activated with service! After you've purchased a Membership, you can download the COSMO:Mission Control parent app to pair with JrTrack.

Do I need a COSMO Membership to use my JrTrack watch?

You'll need to activate a COSMO Membership plan to activate your JrTrack's pre-installed SIM card and enable cellular service so you are connected with your child anytime, anywhere. The full set of COSMO JrTrack features (e.g. calling and GPS tracking) require this cellular service. COSMO offers three different types of Membership plans for flexibility and affordability for any family budget.

How much does a membership cost?

We have options to fit the needs of your family! COSMO offers three different types of plans for flexibility and savings:

Monthly: $19.99/month (cancel any time, month-to-month)

6 Month prepay: $16.99/month ($101.94 upfront)

Annual prepay: $14.99/month ($179.88 upfront)

All COSMO Membership plans include unlimited talk, text, data, and device insurance included! And we offer a 15 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can give it a try risk free!

Can I use JrTrack with other service providers like AT&T, Verizon, etc?

The COSMO JrTrack is a standalone phone with its own SIM card and phone number. You’ll purchase a COSMO Membership plan directly through COSMO to activate your watch’s SIM card. You are not able to add the watch to an existing phone plan with any provider (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc.); each COSMO JrTrack requires its own unique Membership plan directly through COSMO.

You can purchase a COSMO plan and use the COSMO Mission Control app regardless of what phone (iPhone, Android, etc.) or service (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) you have as a parent/guardian.

Do you have a money back guarantee?

Yes! We're confident you'll love your COSMO experience. If for any reason you aren't fully satisfied, you can return your JrTrack within 15 days of purchasing your COSMO Membership plan for a full refund.

What is included under device insurance?

Stuff happens (especially with kids!). That's why we include device insurance standard in every COSMO Membership plan. Cracked screen? Lost watch? Water Damage? No worries! COSMO has you covered with device insurance standard, covering things like a lost or broken device for up to once replacement watch per year. Visit our Support Page or contact our Customer Service Team if you need help with a replacement.

Is COSMO available outside of the United States?

COSMO currently only serves customers in the United States. We hope to expand to other countries soon!

What network does JrTrack work with?

COSMO covers families with our Family Safe Nationwide Network, which is powered by T-Mobile's reliable network coverage. You will purchase a Membership plan directly through COSMO to set up service, which will operate effectively in all areas covered by T-Mobile. Please check this coverage map to see if your area is covered.

Does each JrTrack need it's own membership/service plan?

You’ll need an individual membership/service plan for each JrTrack watch. You can always select our 6-Month or Annual Memberships for more savings! We also have a Refer a Friend program where you can receive 2 months FREE to save while giving friends a great discount. Learn more here!


How can I reach support?

If you need help with anything, please visit our Support page where you can find all kinds of helpful resources, guides, videos, and more! You can also reach out to our friendly support team by email at support@cosmotogether.com or by phone at (877) 215-4741 between 9am-6pm EST.

How do I setup JrTrack?

Your JrTrack takes just a few simple steps to get set up. After you purchase and receive your watch in the mail, here’s what you’ll need to do:

- Open the box and visit COSMO’s Activate page to get started.

- Create a COSMO account and follow the steps to purchase a COSMO Membership plan to activate the watch’s SIM card (you’ll need to do this step first).

- Once you purchase your COSMO plan, you’ll receive an email with the watch’s phone number. Save this number to your phone and keep it handy for the next step.

- Download the COSMO: Mission Control app, available on iOS and Android.

- Pair your newly activated JrTrack watch with the Mission Control app by going to Menu > My Devices > and tapping “+” to add a new device in the app.

- Follow the in-app steps to pair your watch (you’ll need the watch’s phone number and 15- digit IMEI number (on the back of the watch/side of the box) for this step

Once paired, you’re all set!

You’ll set up one watch at a time, so go through the above steps for each individual watch you have. Feel free to reach out to our friendly support team for any questions!

How long does shipping take?

We offer two shipping options:

Regular Shipping: Generally delivers in 5-8 days (FREE)

Expedited Shipping: Generally delivers in 4-6 days ($9.99)

What if I don't receive an 8-digit pairing code?

If you don't receive an 8 digit code when pairing your watch to the parent app, simply restart the watch and try again.