Under normal use, 24 hours. This may vary depending on frequent/extended use of tracking mode, location frequency, and video calling (which is the most power consumptive function).

Because video calls are very power consumptive, calls are limited to 5 minutes with a cooldown period between calls.

The watch is rated IP67, meaning that it is protected from dust and can withstand being submerged in 3 feet of static water for up to 30 minutes. This means that washing hands or rainy days should pose no issue. However, be sure to remove the watch before swimming or showering.

1. Confirm that your SIM Card has data service.

2. Verify that the SIM card is correctly installed, then power down the watch and restart.

Accuracy depends on which method is used to report the location. When outside in an open area, the accuracy is between 5-10 meters. When indoors or within an urban area and connected to WiFi, the accuracy is between 50-100 meters. The accuracy of Location Based Tracking (LBS), which triangulates the watch’s position by using cell towers, is between 500-2000 meters. LBS is only used when both GPS and WiFi are not available.

1. When indoors without WiFi or in a remote place outdoors lacking a strong signal, the watch cannot access the location report, and the position tracking will show as a straight line.

2. Check your Set Tracking setup (open app » Settings » Set Tracking). The location is not reported outside the set time-interval. Manual positioning is available by tapping the map in the home screen.

A maximum of 30.

1. If the Block Strangers function is activated, the watch will refuse calls from any number that is not in the Contact List

2. Class Mode disables incoming calls.

Tap the watch’s Album icon. Press and hold any of the available pictures. You will then have the option to Delete or Upload the selected photo.

The watch defaults to your cellular provider’s local time zone information. If the watch moves between time zones, the time will automatically update. If you wish to manually change the time zone, go to Settings → Time Zone. Find the desired time zone by scrolling up or down.

Customer Service: 

(877) 215-4741 


Yes! Our upgrade program helps save you money and protect our environment. In order to participate you will simply need 1) a functioning first generation JrTrack (sorry, no broken devices accepted), and 2) your JrTrack's phone number and IMEI number. We'll provide you a free shipping label and dispose of your device in an eco-friendly manner to reduce waste! Once we receive your old JrTrack we will issue you a 50% discount on your next month's data. If you have purchased a pre-paid data plan we will issue you a credit for this value. Visit the COSMO Upgrade page to get started and follow the simple step-by step instructions.


Tap Family on the app home screen, then select + in the upper righthand corner to add contacts.

Simply tap the Call icon from the home screen.

From the home screen, tap the Video Call icon.

When your child activates SOS mode, your phone will receive an alert in the app. This automatically turns on voice messaging and gives your child’s latest location. To activate SOS mode, while on the home screen, tap the power button twice.

1. Log into the admin account.

2. Tap Settings → Safe Zone

3. Select the + in the upper righthand corner

4. Name the Safe Zone then click OK.

5. Move the slider left to right to contract or expand the Safe Zone area.

6. You have the option to set when the Safe Zone should be active. Tap Click to Edit below the map and set your desired times.

7. Tap Save.

1. Tap Settings → Wi-Fi

2. Select the + in the upper righthand corner

3. Choose the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect to from the list of available networks

4. Enter the Wi-Fi password then hit OK.

Tap the watch’s Album icon. Press and hold any of the available pictures. You will then have the option to Delete or Upload the selected photo

Log into the app. Go to Settings → My Information and edit your phone number and any other personal information you wish to update.

Please call (877) 215-4741 or email support@cosmosmartwatch.com. Customer Service is available Monday - Friday, 9AM-6PM Eastern