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5 Can't Miss Resources for Parents Navigating the Digital World
Parenting can be an isolating thing. They say raising a child takes a village, but for parents, it can sometimes feel like an island - especially after a year like this. Here at COSMO, we’re absolutely committed to coming alongside incredible parents and guardians - and best of all, it’s not just us! But knowing where to start can be the hard part, so we’ve highlighted five of our absolute favorite resources - both nonprofits and companies - helping parents and guardians navigate the digital world with kids!
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10 Reasons Why a Kids Smart Watch is Better than a Smartphone
Thinking of buying your child their first smartphone? As a parent, you probably know other parents whose elementary-school aged kids have smartphones. Many parents want their kids to have a phone so they can contact and keep track of them. But there's a better solution than smartphones designed for adults. We have everything you need to know to feel confident putting off the iPhone in favor of the kids smartwatch.
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Kids in school with device

A top concern for parents and school officials is how kids will cope with the new rules, which would be stressful for anyone, let alone kids who have already lived through a year of incredible confusion. “Kids who normally have a little trouble separating from mom and dad will see their anxiety peak during times of stress or transition,” says Rachel Busman, clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute.

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