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Here's what Families are Asking Google Most
There was once a day when we as a society didn’t know what everyone else was doing, asking, and thinking. But today is not that day. Now we have this wonderful, complicated tool called Google. Google may be a trove of information, but finding the actual treasure of a good answer is hard. Find out not just what families are searching, but also answers and go-to resources for your family!
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Character Modeling Entertainment
The shows your kids watch and the characters they look up to are more important than you might think. Here's our list of the best shows to help your child look up to the right characters!
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Guide to Online Child Safety
Although the positive effects of the internet outweigh the negative, parents must keep an eye on their children when online. Fortunately, ensuring your child’s online safety is possible by incorporating some preventive measures in your home.
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5 Life-saving Features of Smartwatches
Kids today are growing up in a world filled with new dangers. While kidnapping and roadside accidents are still concerns for parents, by far the greatest threat to a child’s safety comes from digital technology, primarily cell phones. Read on to find out how kids smartwatches help safeguard your child's wellbeing.
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The Definitive Guide to Kids

We are living in the digital age, and kids have access to an array of different internet-enabled devices. Such devices can enhance a child’s safety, education, and comfort, yet kids often lack the discipline to use their devices as expected. So, how can parents guide their children when it comes to navigating tech gadgets? Read on to find out.

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