What's new in 3.6

Check out all of the new features and updates that are available for JrTrack 3 in the latest release.

In this release, we’re excited to bring you one of our most requested updates to school mode, as well as location tracking updates, messaging improvements and more. 

What's new:


School mode updates

Now your child can call & text guardians while in school mode.


  • Swipe right from the home screen of the watch while in school mode to show the option to call and text guardians only.
  • Inbound and outbound texting and calling to guardians is allowed during school mode, and if 911 Emergency calling is enabled, this will be available as well. 
  • All inbound calls and texts will be delivered silently and only vibrate the watch.
  • The watch now shows a 5-minute notice before school mode begins. 


Location improvements

We’ve enabled cell signal to supplement GPS when satellite signal is poor for increased location accuracy from multiple sources.

Frequently asked

How can I update the watch?

It's easy! On your watch, swipe to the third page of apps and tap on Settings (grey gears icon). Then, tap on the top option that says "Updates". If you have an update available, ensure your watch has at least 50% battery and good connection, then go ahead and complete the update to get True Texting.

(pro tip: connect to WiFi before initiating this update for fastest download)

Can the watch text all guardians during school mode? 

Yes, JrTrack will be able to call and text all guardians during school mode, but not contacts. 

Can I change who they're allowed to contact during school mode?

If you don't want your child to be able to call or message certain people during school mode, you'll need to change their permissions type from a Guardian to a Contact. 

To do this, simply delete their Guardian account and re-add them as a contact. 

How much more accurate is location in this release?