COSMO JrTrack vs. Gabb Watch

Looking for the right kids smart watch? Take a closer look at the differences between the COSMO JrTrack 3 and Gabb Watch 3.

Families are switching from Gabb to COSMO. Here's why:

More Messaging

COSMO's JrTrack 3 gives your family more ways to safely connect. Unlike Gabb, JrTrack offers a full texting keyboard + custom preset messages, along with voice and picture messages (with video messages coming soon!)

Emergency calling

With COSMO, your kids are always protected. Only COSMO offers SafeCORE - a four-front safety system including emergency calling, SOS Alerts, GPS SafeZones, and Trusted Contact list.

Serious savings

Families deserve connection at a family-right price. Get JrTrack 3 for almost 20% less than Gabb Watch 3, plus pay less for monthly service, insurance, and activation. However you cut it, COSMO gives you quality for less.


JrTrack 3 comes with an upgraded photo & video capable camera for capturing & sharing memories. It's a kid (and parent) favorite feature - and one you'll have to go without on the Gabb Watch 3.

By the numbers

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One SIM. Every Signal. 

COSMO Mobile is the all-in-one service plan engineered to give you the best connection, no matter where you are. Powered by our FlexSIM technology, JrTrack 3 is engineered to automatically optimize your child's connection to the strongest signal available across all major network towers.

COSMO vs Gabb 

Discover all the details that make JrTrack the clear family favorite.

JrTrack 3

Gabb Watch 3


Standard pricing*
Standard pricing*

Activation Fee


Device Insurance

Per Year
Per Year



Freeform Texting

Picture & Video Messaging



911 Calling

Location History

School Mode


* Pricing comparisons reflect regular sale prices; seasonal and other offers/discounts may not be reflected. Check Gabb and COSMO websites for latest offers.

Rated a Top Kids Smartwatch for a Reason

COSMO's JrTrack kids smartwatches have been  been featured in PCmag, New York Times, Fatherly, SafeWise, Parent Map... the list goes on! People are raving about the COSMO JrTrack and for good reason. 

Try JrTrack risk-free today!

We're so confident that you'll love your JrTrack Smartwatch, we have a 15-day money back guarantee. 

Try JrTrack risk-free today!

We're so confident that you'll love your JrTrack Smartwatch, we have an iron-clad 15 day money back guarantee on the watch and plan. 

Frequently asked

What are the main differences between COSMO JrTrack 3 and the Gabb Watch 3?
There are a few main differences between the COSMO JrTrack 3 Kids Smartwatch and the Gabb Watch 3. These include:
--> 911 Calling: COSMO's JrTrack 3 is equipped with emergency calling capabilities, which the Gabb Watch 3 does not have.
--> True Texting: Both the Gabb Watch 3 and JrTrack 3 include a keyboard for sending SMS. However, JrTrack is equipped with MMS too for sending/receiving pictures, videos, gifs, etc.
--> International Coverage: JrTrack 3 provides coverage across the US, Canada and Mexico. Gabb Watch 3 only operates within the US.
--> Price: JrTrack 3 retails standard for $129.99 while Gabb Watch 3  sells for $149.99.

Does the Gabb Watch 3 have a camera?

No, Gabb Watch 3 does not have a camera. JrTrack 3 features a front-facing camera for capturing picture and video. JrTrack 3 can also share pictures and video messages via messaging with parent-approved contacts!
Can the Gabb Watch 3 Text?
Yes, the Gabb Watch 3 can send text via SMS. However messages are limited to text only. With JrTrack 3, kids can send and receive pictures, videos, and audio messages between any parent-approved contacts.
How much do Gabb Watch 3 plans cost?
Gabb watch 3 requires a cellular plan to operate, just like JrTrack 3 and other kids cellular devices. Gabb offers 3 plans for service, ranging from $12.99/mo with a 2 year contract, to $17.99 for no contract.

COSMO offers four different plans for families ranging from just $9.99/mo (prepaid) for a 2 year contract, to $17.99/mo with a 3 month commitment.