COSMO JrTrack vs. Gabb Watch 2

Let's take a closer look at the differences between two of the best selling kid's smartwatches on the market!

Families are switching from Gabb to COSMO, here's why:

Freeform texting

COSMO's JrTrack is the only smartwatch with a keyboard on the watch, allowing your child to type out custom messages in addition to the preset texts. Gabb Watch 2 only has preset texts, which is just way less fun!

Emergency calling

You should be able to decide if you want your child to have access to 911. JrTrack gives you the power to toggle the 911 functionality On or Off, so it's there if they need it, or hidden if they're not quite ready. Gabb Watch 2 has no option for 911.

Serious savings

This one is really no contest. Gabbs' watch is $50 more than JrTrack, and that's just the start. We're proud to include device insurance for free with every plan, but Gabb will charge you an extra $5/month for insurance. 


JrTrack comes with a photo & video capable camera for capturing & sharing memories. The camera is often kids' favorite feature! Gabbs' watch does not include a camera, despite being the more expensive option. 

By the numbers

Ratings don't lie

Go ahead - Google the ratings for both watches yourself!


Stars on Google


Stars on Google

You've always got the most reliable connection. 

COSMO Mobile is the all-in-one service plan engineered to give you the best connection, no matter where you are. All plans come with unlimited talk, text, & data, plus device insurance included for free. 

COSMO vs Gabb 

JrTrack beats Gabb Watch any way you slice it.

JrTrack 2 SE

Gabb Watch 2



Setup Fee


Device Insurance

per month



Freeform Texting

911 Calling

Location History

School Mode


Rated the #1 Kids smartwatch of 2023 by SafeWise

We've been featured in PCmag, New York Times, Forbes, Fatherly, Parent Map... the list goes on! People are raving about the COSMO JrTrack and for good reason. 

Try JrTrack risk-free today!

We're so confident that you'll love your JrTrack Smartwatch, we have a 15-day money back guarantee. 

Try JrTrack risk-free today!

We're so confident that you'll love your JrTrack Smartwatch, we have an iron-clad 15 day money back guarantee on the watch and plan.