Quick Start Guide: Set Up Your JrTrack Kids Smart Watch

A step-by-step guide to getting your JrTrack kids smart watch up and running with these six popular features.

For a complete walkthrough of JrTrack setup & features, see our user guide. 


Add approved contacts

JrTrack is engineered to keep your child safely connected. Get started by setting up your trusted contact list with approved "contacts" and guardians" - all unknown numbers are automatically blocked.

  • In the parent app, tap the main menu (three lines) in upper left, and tap "All contacts"
  • Tap the blue "plus" button on the bottom right.
  • Add the info of the person you'd like to add, and select one of two account types with different permissions levels

Contact: Calling + Texting*
Guardian: Calling, messaging & GPS location tracking via the Mission Control parent app.

  • Adding a Guardian will send them an email invite to download the app & create an account. 
  • The Guardian must create an app account with the email you invited them with. 
  • Once they have accepted the invite, the new guardian will appear on the watch in the phone & messages apps for calling and texting.
  • Contacts do not need to download the Mission Control app.  

*Texting contacts is only available for JrTrack 3. JrTrack 2 SE & older models require people to be added as Guardians in order to send messages, and can only message the watch through the Mission Control app. 


Setup a SafeZone

SafeZones keep you in the know! Set customized geofence areas to receive periodic location check-in notifications when your child enters or leaves. 

  • In the parent app, tap the main menu (three lines) in upper left, and tap "SafeZones"
  • Tap the blue "plus" button on the bottom right.
  • Long press the area that you want set the zone, or type an address in the address bar.
  • Set the radius and the device(s) you want to apply to the SafeZone. Then tap Save.
  • The primary Mission Control app account holder will receive entry/exit notifications based on location update settings.

Note: SafeZone notifications depend on your location update frequency settings. The app is set to auto-update in periodic intervals, which will also trigger SafeZone notifications. To adjust the location update frequency, select your device in the Mission Control parent app > tap the gears icon above the map > then select "Device Settings". You can set updates to every 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Tapping "Refresh" will always show live location.

Tip:  You can set multiple SafeZones! Set them around home, school, or a friends house.


Select safety settings

Safety comes first. Your JrTrack watch is equipped with several important safety features to help keep your child safe, including 911 emergency calling and SOS Mode.

9-1-1 Emergency Calling Settings
  • On the watch, swipe to the third page of apps and open the grey settings app.
  • Tap Device > Call options > Emergency calling. Here you can choose show or hide. 
  • If you choose show, it will appear as an option in the phone app, below other contacts
  • 911 has a double-confirmation as well as a 5 second countdown to prevent accidental calls.

SOS Mode Settings
  • SOS Mode allows your child to quickly and discreetly notify you in case of need.
  • To activate SOS, simply double-tap the power button on the side of the watch.
  • SOS Mode will automatically trigger an alert to the primary account holder's phone and begin live tracking for 15 minutes which you can check in the Mission Control app.
  • While SOS Mode is enabled, all calls will automatically pick up to allow you to hear what is happening.


Schedule school mode

School Mode on, distractions gone! Set unique distraction-free windows to help keep your child focused and limit watch functions to SOS Mode and time function.

  • In the parent app, tap the main menu (three lines) in upper right, and tap "Activity Center" > "School Mode"
  • Tap the blue "plus" button on the bottom right.
  • Here you can select a start time and an end time and name each designated school mode time window.

Tip:  Set multiple time blocks! Set distraction-free hours for school, homework, or family time.


Customize pre-set messages

JrTrack gives you more ways to message! Use the custom typing keyboard on the watch, as well as setting custom preset messages to your child can send with just a tap!

  • In the parent app, select your device from the map screen. 
  • Tap the grey gear icon in the top right corner, then tap "Preset messages"
  • Here you can edit any of the existing preset messages, or tap the blue plus to add your own. JrTrack can hold up to 20 preset messages.
  • Tap Save to automatically populate your JrTrack's preset message list in the messaging app.


Customize your watch

Make your child's JrTrack truly unique! It's easy to change the wallpaper, ringtone, text tone, and watch face to make JrTrack all their own.

Change wallpaper
  • On the third page of watch apps, tap the white app with a paintbrush, then tap "wallpapers"
  • Scroll through the dozens of options of backgrounds to find your favorite!

    Change clock face
  • In the same app, you can choose between different digital and analog clock face styles.

Change ringtones
  • In the watch settings, tap Device > Sounds and volume > Sounds. Here you can choose your favorite ringtone to play during calls, or text tone to play during messages.

Mix-and-match band colors
  • Changing the band on your JrTrack watch is easy! All JrTrack bands and compatible with all JrTrack models. See all our options here.