Getting started

In the box

JrTrack 3 comes with the following items in the box:

  • JrTrack 3 Smart Watch
  • Charging cable
  • Screen protectors (2x)
  • Quickstart guide
  • Stickers!

Get to know JrTrack 

JrTrack 3 comes with a pre-installed SIM card. The On/Off button and back buttons are on the right side, and the charging port is on the back.


Activate a COSMO Plan

Click below to activate a COSMO Mobile dataplan.

Scan your IMEI

Tap "Scan Now" to open the QR camera and scan the QR code on the back of your watch. If you're on desktop, simply type in the 15 digit code. 

You can't use the normal camera app on your phone for this QR scan, you must use the scanner that opens after you tap "Scan Now".

Enter email

Enter your email address and select where you purchased your device from the dropdown.

Pick a plan

Choose the Membership plan that's right for your family. Longer term plans have more savings, while monthly offers the most flexibility!

All plans come with unlimited talk, text, and data, full access to the parent app, and are included in our 15-day money back guarantee.

Add COSMO Care

Protect your watch! We’ll replace any JrTrack broken due to damage, water, theft, loss, or whatever your kids throw at it. Free replacements & just $2.99/month.


Why not grab some accessories? Whether you want to protect your watch or match your style, now's your chance. 

Review your order

Check to make sure you're happy with your chosen plan and add-ons. Scroll down to continue to checkout after you've agreed to the terms and conditions.

Activate your plan

Tap the "Activate Plan Now" button to activate your new Membership plan. Please allow a minute for the activation to complete.

You're activated!

Please allow a minute for the activation to complete. Once ready, you'll be given your watch's phone number! 

You will also receive email confirmation of your purchase and the watch's phone number.

Download the app

Mission Control Parent app

The Mission Control app is how you interact with and control JrTrack. Use this app to approve contacts, check the GPS, set SafeZones, and more. Tap or scan below to download on iOS or Android. 

Sign up

In the app, create an account or sign in if you already have one. 

Add your info

Add a profile photo for yourself. This will appear on your child's watch when you call! 

Enter your phone number here, not the watch's number.

Confirm your email

Check your inbox for a confirmation email. Open it and tap the "Confirm Email" button.

Add a device

Tap the "Add a device" button. 

Your child's profile

Add their name, birthday, and your favorite photo of your child! Tap "Next" to open the pairing scanner.


Turn on your JrTrack 

Press and hold the On/Off button on for two seconds to turn the watch on.

If the watch doesn't turn on, it likely needs to be charged. Charge the watch for a few hours and then try again. It may need to update after turning on.

Open pairing mode

Once your watch has connected to the internet and completed any updates, tap the "Continue to pair" button.

Scan the QR code

Scan the QR code onscreen with the pairing scanner you opened after creating your child's profile.

Enter the code

Enter the 8-digit code displayed on the watch into the parent app, then tap "Next" 


If the 8 digit code does not appear, hold down the On/Off button for 3 seconds and tap restart. Then try pairing again.

Add to contacts

You're all set! It may take up to 24 hours for data to be fully activated. 

Make a test call

Place a test call to ensure everything is working properly. If not, please reach out to our support team at 877-215-4741 or

Setup Wi-Fi

If you'd like to, you can set up Wifi now. You can always do this later. 

Take a tour

Quickly learn how to operate the watch, activate SOS mode, and see your apps. 

Pick your background

Scroll through dozens of our fun background options to make JrTrack yours. Now you're done! Continue below to learn how to use the parent app & watch.

Parent app

App Navigation

Main Menu

Tap the three lines icon in the upper left corner to access the main menu.

The main menu is your starting point to access all of the main features of the COSMO: Mission Control app. 

Data & Settings menu

To access the data and settings menu for your watch, tap the gray gears icon found in the status bar above the map.

This is the data & settings menu for the selected device. Here you can access location & call history, customize pre-set messages, and edit your child's profile & device settings.

Device Settings

Here you can set how often location is updated and when the tracking period is active. 

Pro Tip

More frequent location tracking will drain the battery faster. To maximize battery life, consider reducing tracking frequency.

Add Approved Contacts

Select "All contacts" from the main menu.

Tap the "plus" button in the bottom right corner. 

Select permission type

There are two types of contacts. Simply add their info and toggle which permission type you want them to have. Tap "Save" when finished.


Calling + Texting

Contacts don't need to accept an invite. Once you've added them, they're are able to call and text JrTrack 3 and vise versa. 


Calling + Texting + GPS

To add a Guardian, you'll need to send an invite. Under account type, select Guardian. Add the Guardian's name, phone number, and email. 

Guardian Invite

In the Guardian's email inbox, look for an email from

Follow the instructions in the email by having the Guardian download the COSMO: Mission Control app, and create an account. 

Accept the invite

Once the Guardian has downloaded the app and created an account, they'll need to go to "My Devices" an then tap 'Confirm' to accept the invitation. 

Now they're set up! They can call, text, and check location. 


You cannot grant individual permissions to guardians. They can access location, call, and text. While you can not turn off just one of those items, you can always remove a guardian's access.


True Texting

While you can message JrTrack 3 from the Mission Control app, our recent True Texting update allows you to text JrTrack via SMS from your phone's standard texting app. You can send text, photos, videos or audio!

Group Texting

JrTrack 3 can be added to group text up to 10 members if everyone in the group has been added as an approved contact or guardian in the parent app.

Preset messages

Pre-set messages are loaded on JrTrack for quick replies that can be sent from the watch in just a tap.

In the data and settings menu, tap Preset messages.

You can edit or delete any of the preset messages, as well as add your own by tapping the blue plus button.


Select "SafeZones" from the main menu.

Tap the "plus" button in the bottom right corner. 

Set the zone: Long-press in the center of exactly where you'd like the SafeZone to be on the map or search an address.

Name your SafeZone: Type whatever descriptive name you like!

Set radius: Adjust the size/radius of the SafeZone using the slider.  

Select device: Choose which device(s) you'd like to be included in the SafeZone, and tap the "Save" button.

Location Tracking & History

Check Location

Tap on the icon of the watch you'd like to track, then tap "Refresh Location" to get the current location. 

Pro Tip

Turning on Wi-Fi on the watch helps increase location accuracy. 

Location History

In the Device Data & settings menu, tap on Location history.

This map shows timestamped locations of the watch. You can go back further in time by tapping the calendar and selecting new dates.

School Mode

Open Activity center

In the Main menu, tap Activity center. Here you have the option to Set Alarms, School mode or view the Step Counter.

In this case, tap school mode. Then tap the blue plus button to add a school mode time. 

Set the hours

Name the distraction-free time and set the hours, and days of the week for it to be active. Tap Save when done. 

In school mode, the watch only tells the time. All other functions are disabled except for SOS.

Step Counter

Open Activity center

In the Main menu, tap Activity center. Here you have the option to Set Alarms, School mode or view the Step Counter.

In this case, tap Step Counter. 

Set a step goal

This screen displays estimated calorie burn and step count for the day, week, & month. Tap the Plus button to set a step goal!

Alarms & Reminders

Open Activity center

In the Main menu, tap Activity center. Here you have the option to Set Alarms, School mode or view the Step Counter.

In this case, tap Alarms. Then tap the blue plus button to add an alarm.

Set the time and name of the alarm, and select the days of the week for it to be active. 


Watch Apps

Watch Apps

JrTrack has 3 pages of apps with 4 apps per page. Swipe left and right to navigate between the pages.

Gesture Navigation

When in an app, you can swipe from the left edge of the screen to go back, or use the back button on the side of the watch.



An incoming call allows you to accept or deny the call with the red and green buttons, respectively.

In an active call, you can tap the speaker button in the top right to adjust the volume. 

Contacts & call history

You can access your contacts list by tapping the green phone icon from the first page of apps. Tap on a contact to call them.

To view call history, scroll to the bottom of your contacts and top on call history. 


Choose a contact

To open messages, tap the blue message icon from the first page of apps. From here, you can select any contact or guardian you'd like to message.

Multimedia options

Once you've selected someone to text, you can send a text with the left button, and image/video with the center button, or voice memo with the right button.

Send a text

If you selected text, you can choose to type out a message on the keyboard, send an emoji, or send one of the preset messages that can be customized from the parent app.



On the watch, scroll to Camera on the first page of apps. Tap the white shutter button in the center screen to take a photo. 

To review your photos, tap the album in the bottom right.


Make JrTrack yours

On the watch, scroll to paintbrush icon on the first page of apps. Here you can set different styles of watch face, or change your background!



Open the settings app by swiping to the third page of apps and tapping the grey gears icon. 

This will open the main settings menu. At the top, you will see option titled, "Update". If a red dot is present, you have an update available. If not, your watch is up to date.

Connect to Wi-Fi

From the main settings menu, tap the Wifi option. Toggle Wi-Fi on or off with the switch at the top of the screen.

When toggled on,  you'll see all available networks. Tap any network to connect to it. If it is password protected, the keyboard will appear to allow password entry.

Device Settings

Device settings is the third option down in the main settings menu on the watch. Here you can customize lots of different features.

Display: In the display menu, you can adjust brightness, font size, screen timeout, and charging display settings.

Sound & Vibration: In the Sound and vibration menu, you can change your ringtone, adjust volume, and toggle vibration for notifications.

Time: Here you can adjust the time zone and toggle 24h time.

Call options: Here you can toggle 911 or switch call settings. 

Storage management: Here you can delete content on the watch that may be taking up excess storage, like photos & videos. 

Toggle 9-1-1

Emergency Calling

911 is disabled by default. You can turn 911 on or off in the watch settings. Go to Settings > Device Settings. Scroll down to "Call Options" and tap on it. Here you can enable or disable the 911 function. 

When 911 is enabled, it will appear as an option in the phone app. Once pressed, you'll need to tap "call the police" again to confirm. A 5 second countdown will begin and then 911 will be called. 

SOS Mode

SOS notifies the admin of the Mission Control app of the SOS status. It does not call 911 or emergency services.

To activate SOS mode on the watch, hit the power button twice. A silent 15 second countdown will begin to prevent accidental activations. Once active, live tracking of the watch will begin, updating location every 30 seconds for 15 minutes.

Calling the watch while SOS is active will  automatically be picked up by the watch without ringing. You'll be able to hear

what's going on through the call but your voice will be silent, unless your child adjusts the volume on the watch.