Best Art YouTube Channels

Best Art YouTube Channels

Art YouTube Channels 

Have arts and crafts become the backbone of child rearing in the 21st century? Parents of young children know that 9 out of 10 days, your child will come home from school with some brightly colored craft project in their backpack, be it a simple painting, or an arrangement of colored macaroni glued to a plate in a mosaic-style replica of the Starry Night. A simple google search for craft projects for kindergarteners will reveal dozens of Pinterest pages with titles such as “900+ Kid Craft Ideas in 2021.” 

Arts and crafts have become staples in the modern-day curriculum for young children, all the way from elementary school down to the youngest toddlers in daycare. But how did this come to be? Why the heavy incorporation of arts and crafts at such a young age, when two hundred years ago, scarcity of resources would have made such projects in the common schoolroom unfeasible at best? Mass production of goods after the industrial age certainly gave wind to the movement, making brightly colored paper, crayons, markers, and paints inexpensive and readily accessible to classrooms around the country.

Young boy paints watercolor art outside

Also significant to the rise of Arts and Crafts has been the increasing awareness of the therapeutic and regulatory effects of art on children. Psychologists since the mid-20th century have documented the benefits of art for young minds and bodies, touting its success in child play therapy, treating autism and sensory delays, as well as assisting the average child’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. If you’re looking to incorporate artistic outlets for your child while they are at home, look no further than our list of the top 8 Youtube channels for arts and crafts, which can give your child resources to cultivate their artistic abilities, practice sensory regulation and self expression, and engage in therapeutic pastime.

A kids uses crayons to create art

  1. Art For Kids Hub
    With a whopping 1,356,485,676 views, this family channel is a favorite with parents. It teaches children how to draw popular cartoon characters, seasonal items, plants, animals, and various silly animations (think tacos with faces and skiing polar bears). Videos are done predominately with markers or sharpies, and your child will benefit from seeing a parent and child sketch side by side, capturing a range of skill levels. New videos are posted every week, Monday through Friday, making for a massive selection of art lessons which are sure to captivate your child’s interest.
  2. ART and LEARN
    This family-run art channel, created by a dad and his sons, teaches children how to draw everything from cartoon characters to butterflies to castles. Lessons feature cheerful background music and a wide range of artistic materials including watercolor, acrylic, oils, pastels, and markers. Videos feature the art work of both the younger and older son, demonstrating a range of skill levels while ultimately achieving similar results. This can be encouraging to new or younger artists who are just starting out.
  3. Paint it KIDS
    While Paint it KIDS includes tutorials for fun drawings, like Baby Yoda dressed as Santa Claus, it goes beyond basic drawing lessons to teach core elements of art. It demonstrates important principles of design like proportion and contrast.  Paint it KIDS also includes a playlist dedicated to painting videos, which teach children basic painting techniques such as learning how to blend paints and create shadows. This channel is a great option if you are looking for deeper art instruction for your child.
  4. Disney Parks / How to Draw Series
    This playlist is a gem brought to us by Disney’s Hollywood Studio, featuring 44 tutorials of the most beloved Disney characters, from the Genie to Elsa. These tutorials are an excellent option for any Disney-loving child, and will introduce your child to the beauty and practicality of pencil sketching. Sketches are demonstrated by Disney animators, who explain each step in detail, and maintain a slow pace so that your child can easily keep up. If your child is an aspiring artist who would enjoy advanced instruction, look no further!
  5. Red Ted Art 
    If your child enjoys sensory activities, Red Ted Art is a great option. Rather than drawing lessons, this channel demonstrates hundreds of fun and intricate craft projects. Dragon paper puppets for Chinese New Year, Harry Potter bookmarks, rainbow cookies, and DIY instruments, are just a few of the exciting art projects to be found here. Crafts incorporate a wide range of materials including clay, beads, and yarn, enhancing the sensory experience for your child.
  6. Babble Dabble Do
    Geared toward older children, this channel combines crafts with learning. Its videos incorporate math and science into their crafts projects by utilizing geometric patterns, agamographs, maze-making, chemical reactions, and craft-based science experiments. These activities stretch your child’s artistic abilities to new levels, while simultaneously making creativity fun and educational. 
  7. Muffalo Potato
    This fun channel teaches cartoon drawings in a unique way. Artist and narrator, John, creates classic cartoon characters using only numbers and letters. This technique enhances the educational component for your child, while also making the lessons more accessible. Dialog between John and his puppet friend make the videos fun and engaging. If your child would enjoy creating Ninja Turtles, unicorns, and everything in between, using recognizable number and letter shapes, this channel is for you.
  8.  HooplaKidz How To - Featuring Chiki Art. This colorful channel features everything from play doh crafts to drawing and painting lessons. If your child would enjoy modeling play doh planets and cupcakes, or coloring fun animals, foods, and cartoons, HooplaKidz is a great space. By following its simple tutorials, your child’s visual-spatial, language, and motor skills can be strengthened and su