COSMO Smartwatch Features for Kids

Mom and Son having fun at the playground!

Choosing the right smartwatch for your kids is important. Fortunately, the COSMO smart watch for kids has all of these features, and more. In this article, you’ll learn more about how the COSMO watch helps you keep your kids safe while allowing them more freedom and fun.


Here's the list of JrTrack's top features!

Mission Control

COSMO Mission Control Parent App logo

The COSMO Mission Control parent app is designed to help you and your child communicate safely, while protecting them from difficulties that occur with smartphones, like getting calls from strangers, or joining social media too soon.

Once you get your child’s new smartwatch, you’ll follow the simple instructions to set up the COSMO Mission Control app on your phone. Because this watch blocks all calls from strangers, you’ll add anyone you want to be able to call your child to the contacts list in the app. If you want family members to be able to track your child’s location, they will need to set up a free COSMO account. Otherwise, they can be added to receive or make calls to the watch, without the ability to use location tracking.

Set Up Designated Safe Zones for Your Kids

Mission Control Safe Zones

Many parents are excited about the tracking feature. You want your kids to be able to go out and play without worrying about where they are. With the COSMO Mission Control app, you get real-time location tracking so you can look at the app and see where they are any time you want. However, it’s easy to get busy with things like work, so the app also helps when you’re not looking at it. 

By setting up safe zones, you can be alerted if your child leaves a specified area. Safe zones might include your home, your child’s school, their friend’s houses, the soccer field where they play after school, their babysitter’s home, etc. If your child leaves a “safe zone” during a specified time, you’ll receive an alert on your phone thanks to the COSMO Mission Control app. You can then call your child on their smartwatch to find out what’s going on. For example, you might set an alert for the hours your child is in school, so if they leave the school unexpectedly, you’ll be notified right away.

Setting a safe zone is easy with the COSMO Mission Control app. Use the map to choose each safe zone, then swipe left or right to adjust the size of the zone. Next you’ll set the times you want the safe zone to be active. Don’t worry, you can add new safe zones at any time, or adjust the times for zones to be active.

Limit Calls to Approved Contacts and Block Stranger Calls

Not everyone needs to be able to use the location tracking feature on your child’s smartwatch. You can designate certain contacts to only be able to call or receive calls from the watch, not track it. You can also use the “call blocking” feature to prevent everyone who isn’t on the contacts list from calling the watch at all. Your kids do not need to hear from telemarketers, robocalls, or any random person they might give their contact info to.

Set Alarms to Keep Your Kids on Track

JrTrack shows a homework notification.

Alarms are a great way to help teach your kids responsibility. Some children want to do things like keep up with their chores, but may have trouble remembering. For example, you might set an alarm for 3:30 PM, to remind your kids they need to walk the dog or set the table when they get home from school. The great thing about this feature is that it helps kids remember to do things without feeling as though their parents are constantly nagging them. Let the COSMO Mission Control app do all the work of reminding your kids for you!

Keep Track of Your Kids Whereabouts

Sometimes parents need to keep track of their kids when they’re not in a safe zone. For example, you may know that your kids are going to be shopping or doing other activities with friends, and that they won’t be staying in one location the whole time. But it’s still nice to get regular updates about where they are.

To do this, simply go into the Mission Control app, select Settings, and then Tracking Setup. You can then choose how often you want updates on your child’s location—every ten minutes, every half hour, etc. 

Class Mode Keeps Kids Focused During Class

Additionally, you can use the Mission Control app to ensure your child concentrates on class by setting “class mode” times. This works as a sort of “do not disturb” feature, so your children won’t receive texts or calls while in class. You won’t have to worry about them getting in trouble for using the watch during school hours, and they can catch up with messages from friends later. Class mode also comes in handy if you want to make sure your children do their homework uninterrupted before chatting with friends.


A kid activates SOS mode from his COSMO smartwatch.


SOS Mode Keeps Kids Safe

Kids love to play and explore, and you want them to do that. But occasionally, they can run into dangerous situations. No parent wants to think about this, but at the same time, you want to know if an emergency did happen to your child, they would be able to deal with it safely.

This is where SOS mode comes in. With the touch of one button, your child can call you or anyone else on their emergency contacts list. This button also triggers voice recording and calling features, so you can get a better idea of what’s going on and what kind of help your child needs.

The COSMO kids smart watch also has other safety features, including a firewall to completely block internet access and social media. This protects children from predators who use social media apps to communicate with kids. The approved contacts list also ensures your children aren’t talking to strangers behind your back, only people you know and have approved as contacts. And because the smart watch is a wearable, it’s less likely your child will leave it behind, the way they might leave the house and forget to take their phone. All of these features work together to keep your child safe.

COSMO Smart Watch for Kids is Durable

Most of us know more than one adult who’s gotten a new smartphone or other expensive tech device, only to drop it and crack the screen a few days later. Maybe it’s even happened to you! Hey, accidents happen.

These accidents happen to kids, too, sometimes even more frequently than they happen to adults. As they grow and learn, children may be forgetful about caring for their things. This is why the COSMO smart watch for kids is designed to be super durable. The watch face and screen are not only easy for kids to use, they’re also made of very tough materials and hold up well to stress. And unlike the latest smartphone, the COSMO kids smart watch is also inexpensive to replace if anything does go wrong.

Customer Support Can Help With Technical Issues

Although the COSMO smartwatch and Mission Control app are designed to be easy for both kids and parents to work, sometimes you could use a little help. Fortunately, COSMO’s support team is always happy to assist our customers with any technical difficulties that arise. You can call (877) 215-4741 or email to reach us. Customer Service is available Monday - Friday, 9AM-6PM Eastern.

In the meantime, there are other ways to get help. Our online user guide is always accessible, and can help show you how to use all the features of your child’s new smartwatch. Also, our FAQ section may be able to answer common questions you have.