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6 Back to School Tips to Help Anxious Kids Thrive

Going back to school can be hard for kids in any year...and the past few years have been anything but normal. We all know it's been a challenging year for kids' mental health, and this fall, as parents send kids back to halls and classrooms, many kids may be feeling anxious. What can parent and guardians do? These 6 simple but powerful ideas can help kids not just survive, but thrive this fall.

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COVID and Back to School: What Parents Need to Know
If you're a parent, you likely have lots of questions about back to school this fall. What will school this year look like? Will there be masks? Will there even be in person classes? What is this new delta variant and what does it mean for my kids? We sat down with a pediatric nurse practitioner to ask what parents should know about “back to school” in a year that’s still anything but back to normal.
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