What is a Smartwatch? What You Need To Know

What is a Smartwatch? What You Need To Know

Remember that beloved cartoon show of the 60s, The Jetsons? Of the many futuristic devices and technologies the show predicted, maybe the one that has proven most true is the smartwatch. 

At the time, the idea of a digital device on your wrist that tells time, keeps you connected to the world, tracks your fitness goals, and even lets you make payments with a flick was all pure imagination. But today, the future is here!

Welcome to the whole new (and fast-growing) world of smartwatches - for kids and adults alike! No need for jetpacks here - we’ll explore today's next-generation features for taking life on-the-go, especially features that are unlocking new levels of safety & connection for families.

In this fast-paced digital era, where our smartphones have become a literal extension of hands, smartwatches have emerged as the next frontier of wearable technology, and evolved from a monochrome LCD screen to being able to replace nearly or even fully replace normal smartphones.

A watch of this kind offers many features and functionalities beyond simply displaying the time. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a fitness fan, understanding what a smartwatch is and what it can do is becoming increasingly important.

So, let's dive in and explore what the new world of smartwatches offers in general - and especially for kids - and what you need to know about them.

What exactly is a smartwatch? 

A smartwatch is a wearable device that combines the functionality of a traditional wristwatch with the advanced capabilities of a smartphone. It is a portable extension of your smartphone, allowing you to access information and perform various tasks conveniently from your wrist. Smartwatches come equipped with a touchscreen display, enabling users to interact with the device through taps, swipes, and gestures.

Smartwatches offer a wide range of features and functionalities that go beyond timekeeping. They can receive notifications, such as incoming calls, text messages, as well as many other updates, allowing you to stay connected without needing to reach for your phone. Additionally, smartwatches often integrate with your smartphone, allowing for seamless connectivity from one device to another.

Fitness tracking is another prominent feature of smartwatches. They can monitor your heart rate, track your steps, measure distance traveled, and even analyze your sleep patterns. This data helps you gain insights into your overall health and well-being, motivating you to achieve your fitness goals.

Moreover, smartwatches enable you to control media playback on your smartphone or through the watch. You can play or pause music, skip tracks, and adjust the volume with just a few taps on your wrist. Some models even have built-in speakers and microphones, enabling phone calls and voice commands.

Does My Kid Need A Mobile Phone If They Have A Smartwatch?

While smartwatches as a category are not brand new, smartwatches for kids are just emerging as the next big thing. Understanding the value and uses isn't hard. With simple but powerful features like calling, messaging, and GPS tracking, smartwatches offer a wide range of new standard features and functionalities that make them incredibly useful for parents who want to stay connected and keep track of their kids' locations. However, it's important to understand the differences, since not all smartwatches for kids are alike.

When it comes to safety and connection, more parents than ever are opting for a simpler, safer start and delaying smartphone usage. COSMO's JrTrack™ 2 SE Kids Smart Watch is one popular option that give families an alternative with call the connection, tracking, and safety features, but without social media or internet browsing. Because it is made specifically for younger children, it comes with a host of key features that allow parents to keep a close eye on their kids. These features are all designed with safety being the top priority.  

GPS Tracking:

One of the most valuable features of smartwatches, especially for parents, is GPS tracking. With built-in GPS technology, smartwatches can provide accurate and updated location information. This means you can always know where your child is, whether at school, a friend's house, or an extracurricular activity. It offers peace of mind and ensures their safety by allowing you to monitor their movements without constantly calling or texting.


The best modern smartwatches for kids offer geofencing capabilities, which allow you to set virtual boundaries on a map. When your child crosses these predefined boundaries, you receive an instant notification on your smartphone. Geofencing is a fantastic tool for parents who want to ensure their children stay within safe areas or specific zones, such as their school or neighborhood. It provides an added layer of security and helps you monitor their activities remotely.

SOS Functionality:

Not all smartwatches come equipped with emergency features. Unlike traditional watches, leading brands like COSMO work just like a mobile phone would. In an emergency or when your child needs immediate assistance, they can activate SOS mode on their smart watches. This action triggers an alert to you, displaying notifications and their precise location. It's a powerful safety feature that ensures your child can reach out for help quickly and discreetly, giving you peace of mind in emergencies.

Two-Way Communication:

While some kids smartwatches focus on games or entertainment features, the most compelling devices for families today come with two-way calling and texting. This will allow parents to stay connected to their children, providing a reliable and convenient way to stay connected throughout the day. However, protecting kids from unknown contacts is critical. That's why watches like the JrTrack smartwatch only hold pre-approved contacts. This means your child won’t send or receive unsolicited calls or texts throughout the day. It's an ideal solution when a smartphone may not be practical or suitable for your child.

Activity Tracking:

Beyond location services, most smartwatches also offer activity-tracking features that can benefit parents. They can monitor your child's daily step goals, in which the parent can set daily targets that the child can see and track. This information can help you encourage healthy habits with your children and ensure they get enough physical activity and rest.

What Smartwatches Can Do Apart From Phone Calls

Smartwatches offer many advantages for kids and adults alike that can enhance daily life in various ways. From health and fitness tracking to productivity and communication, these devices have become valuable companions for individuals of all ages. Let's explore some of the key benefits and applications of smartwatches:

Health and Fitness Tracking:

Most smartwatches double as fitness trackers. They have built-in sensors that track your heart rate, daily steps, and much more. These features grant easy access to your overall health status and are great ways to help you or your child stay in better shape.

Practical Applications:

Nowadays, wearable devices offer a range of practical applications that can improve productivity and convenience in daily life. Apart from the health and fitness features mentioned above, you can receive and respond to important notifications and messages directly from your wrist, eliminating the need to check your smartphone constantly. Smartwatches can also integrate with your smartphone's calendar, helping you stay organized and manage your schedule effectively.

Communication and Connectivity:

With many smartwatches, you can make and receive calls using the integrated speaker, send text messages, and even use voice assistants to perform tasks without needing to reach your phone. This connectivity allows for quick and convenient communication, especially when using a smartphone may be impractical or not permitted.


Many smartwatches offer a host of options for entertainment, from video to music to games. When it comes to smartwatches for kids, it's important to note that they can provide entertainment without necessarily being centered around it. While some kids smartwatch options focus on games, others are designed for a mix of fun as well as functional use.

Parents may consider a variety of kids game watches with simple or educational games. However, these watches tend to have few or no communication and safety features. Watches like the COSMO JrTrack have a mix of features like customizable watch faces and ringtones alongside features like calling, messaging, GPS tracking, and more.

Focus and School Mode for Kids:

For parents, one of the advantages of a smartwatch for kids is the ability to promote focus and limit distractions for their children. Unlike smartphones or personal computers, smartwatches with a dedicated school mode or restricted features can help children focus on their tasks and responsibilities. By excluding games or unnecessary apps from the watch's interface, we can enhance the already good battery life, encourage better concentration, and enable children to focus on their studies and other essential activities.

Whether staying on top of your fitness goals, improving your kids' mental health, or ensuring efficient communication, smartwatches have become indispensable tools for individuals seeking to optimize their lifestyles.

Unlike what happens when choosing a traditional watch, which is usually a straightforward process, it's essential to consider various factors to select a watch of this kind.

Here are some tips and considerations to remember to ensure you find the suitable watch that meets your specific needs and preferences.

Battery Life:

Look for a smartwatch with a battery life that aligns with your usage patterns and daily routine. Longer battery life means less frequent charging, providing convenience and uninterrupted usage.

Design and Customization:

Consider the watch's size and shape, the strap's material, and the overall aesthetics. Additionally, customization options such as interchangeable straps or customizable watch faces allow you to personalize the smartwatch to suit your taste. 

Additional Features:

Assess the different features offered by the smartwatch. Consider functionalities such as fitness tracking, GPS capabilities, water resistance, and built-in sensors that align with your specific needs and lifestyle. Each individual may have different requirements, so prioritize the features that are most important to you.


Ensure that the smartwatch you choose is user-friendly and intuitive to navigate. A transparent and responsive touchscreen, easy-to-understand menus, and straightforward controls enhance the overall user experience and make daily interactions with the smartwatch more enjoyable.


We may not have normalized flying cars yet, but the smartwatch movement - and especially the new world of smartwatches for kids is here to stay! So what is a smartwatch and what have we learned?

A smartwatch is way more than just a trendy accessory; these devices have emerged as valuable tools that offer various functionalities to enhance our daily lives. 

With the GPS feature and other functionalities, smartwatches can be valuable tools for parents who want to ensure the safety and security of their children while respecting their growing independence.

By embracing the benefits of smartwatches, they can foster a sense of security, connectivity, and balance in their children's lives.

Stay informed, make a wise choice, and leverage the power of smartwatches to enrich your family's well-being and daily experiences.