Why GPS Trackers for Kids Are Necessary

gps tracker for kids

Many of us remember a childhood with fewer devices, and the freedom to explore the neighborhood or play for hours outside. But today, parents worry about their kids’ safety, and digital devices have only added to those concerns. Younger children beg for smartphones when you want them to be playing with other kids. Some parents are tempted to give in simply because they want the option to track their child’s whereabouts, but this can leave kids vulnerable to online predators or any stranger who calls their phone. Instead, consider a gps tracker for kids, so you’ll always know where your child is without the risks of giving them a smartphone too soon.

What Are GPS Trackers for Kids?

A gps tracker for kids can take many forms and use different technologies. Some rely on Bluetooth, which means they only really work when close to a connected Bluetooth device. In some cases this is fine, but in others it doesn’t really work. Typically the range is no more than 100 feet, sometimes less. Devices that rely on a standard data plan like a phone have a better range and work in a broader variety of situations.

Trackers can also have different designs. Some are simply small devices that you clip onto your child’s shirt. Other options include walkie talkies, smartphone-like devices with limited function, and wearables like kids’ smartwatches. These devices allow you to check on your child’s location at any time—if you want to make sure they got to school okay, if they wander off at an outside event, or any other situation in which you need to know where they are. 

Best of all, GPS devices can track your children without putting a smartphone in your kids’ hands too soon. This allows your child to play and socialize with friends instead of staring at a screen for hours. Additionally, it protects them from potentially dangerous interactions with strangers on the internet.

Are GPS Trackers for Kids The Same as Kids Smartwatches?

Not every gps tracker for kids is the same, and even those in the same category have differences. Kids’ smartwatches vary in function and design. Most don’t allow the user to track their child’s location anywhere, any time. The Cosmo JrTrack Smart Watch for Kids™ provides this ability through a simple app, so you can pick up your phone whenever you want and see where your child is. Plus you can set boundary alerts, so if the child goes farther than they should, you’ll know right away. You can then call them on their smart watch and find out what’s going on.

Why Are GPS Trackers for Kids Necessary?

Kids today yearn to be independent, and many parents want their kids to be able to do things like walk to school, a friend’s house, or the bus stop on their own. At the same time, we’ve all heard horrifying stories about children who disappeared doing these very same activities. What can you do as a parent?

A gps tracker for kids can give you peace of mind by allowing you to track your child’s progress and location. You’ll be able to make sure they’re still on the way to school, that they made it to their friend’s home safely, etc. A good GPS tracker for kids should give you real-time location tracking, not just a last known location, and should also allow you to contact the child any time you’re concerned.

How Do GPS Trackers for Kids Keep Kids Safe?

GPS Trackers for Kids Keep You Informed of Your Child’s Location. Not knowing where your child is can be a terrible feeling, and it can happen instantly. Most parents have had a panic-stricken moment where they turned away for a second, only to turn back around and find their child wasn’t there. Kids love to explore, and can wander off in the time it takes to swipe a credit card or say hello to an acquaintance. Unfortunately, they can also encounter danger on their way to school or other places in the neighborhood.

For all of these reasons, a gps tracker for kids can help put your mind at ease. If your child wanders off to explore at the park or zoo, you can find them right away instead of just running around and shouting their name. A kids smartwatch with a data plan also allows you to call your child if you see they’ve deviated from a planned route. You’ll know as soon as they’ve made it to a safe location, and can call, text, or video chat with your child whenever you want.

GPS Trackers for Kids Can Alert 911

One reason parents sometimes buy phones for kids who aren’t old enough is because they want their child to be able to call 911 in an emergency. Of course this is important—your child may not have access to a landline in many situations, and you may not be able to get to them instantly if something is wrong. However, in some cases smartphones may actually increase the risk of emergencies happening by allowing your child access to the internet. Sadly there are many people online who could harm your child, and kids in the 5-11 age range aren’t yet old enough to navigate these situations on their own. Children this age should explore the internet only when a parent or trusted adult can supervise.

Strangers can also call your child if they have a regular smartphone. Think of all the calls you get from scammers or robocall mills. If you don’t want to talk to them, would you want them calling your children?

With a kids smartwatch like the Cosmo JrTrack™, you can control who can call your child, and the internet is completely blocked. That means your kids won’t find their way onto social media before they’re ready. However, this gps tracker will still allow them to call 911 in an emergency, so the technology provides the best of both worlds. 

While you’re setting up the device, add your emergency contact info so you can also receive a call if your child activates the “SOS” mode. This triggers automatic voice recording, so you can hear what’s going on.

GPS Trackers for Kids Can Alert You if Your Child Leaves a Location

When you get your new kids smartwatch with GPS, you’ll spend a few minutes setting up the Mission Control app and choosing parameters to help track your child. You can then pull up the app and see their location at any time. But what if you get busy and don’t have a chance to look? What if your child decides to cut class or leave school early while you’re driving or busy with work?

The Cosmo JrTrack™ GPS tracker for kids has a solution. By going into the simple-to-use app, you can choose “safe zones” where your child is allowed to go. You can also set alerts if your child leaves a location, such as their school, outside of certain hours. Then you’ll receive an alert on your phone immediately if it happens. You can then call and ask your child what’s going on.

Cosmo Smartwatch for Kids is the Best GPS Tracker for Kids

The Cosmo JrTrack™ kids smartwatch with GPS allows you to pinpoint your child’s location at any time, keep track of where they are, and receive alerts if they aren’t where they should be. This kid tracker device allows your child more freedom to explore and gain independence, while you have the peace of mind of always knowing where they are.

Additionally, the Cosmo kids smartwatch provides children with many benefits of a smartphone. They can call you or their friends, but can’t receive calls from strangers or access the internet. You create a list of people who can call your child, so you always know who they’re talking to, and you don’t need to worry that they’ll use social media or other online apps too soon.

Worried because your kids can be… a little hard on their stuff? We understand. That’s why the Cosmo kids smartwatch is designed to be very durable, and even water-resistant. The screen interface is also simple and easy to use for kids as young as five.

Want to limit screen time or make sure your child finishes their homework before texting their friends? The Mission Control app allows you to limit use as you see fit. The app is available on both Apple and Android devices. 

Shop Cosmo Smartwatch for Kids to Keep Track of Your Kids

Ready to give your child more independence, but still want to keep them safe? Many parents feel this way. Your child constantly begs for a phone. They may even claim they need one to talk to classmates about homework. You want to be able to track and call them, too. But you know they’re too young to be browsing the internet, and you don’t want just anyone to be able to call and text them.

The Cosmo JrTrack™ kids smartwatch is the perfect solution. It allows your child to call you or other family and friends on their approved list, just like they could with a smartphone. They can also have more independence if you know you can determine their location at any time. Real-time location tracking, location alerts, the ability to call 911, and a firewall to completely block internet access make this device the safest way to communicate with your kids. Plus the fun color options and easy-to-use interface make it an exciting accessory your kids will love to wear. Shop the COSMO Smartwatch for Kids right here on our site today.