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The Kids Texting Watch That's Changing the Game.

Connection doesn't have to be complicated. Discover the best texting watch for kids that makes safe connection simpler than ever.



Life can be unpredictable, but your peace of mind shouldn't be.

Get ready for more everyday safety with direct text messaging right from your child's wrist.

Always Connected.

No more worrying about dropped calls or lost communication. Our texting watch for kids comes with its own SIM card, ensuring a reliable connection for two-way calling and texting.

Always Safe.

Create personalized SafeZone Alerts and GPS boundaries to keep your kids exactly where they're supposed to be. From home to school and beyond, SafeZone ensures your little ones are always in the right place.

Always Together.

Our Cosmo JrTrack Smartwatch is built for your busy child. This device can withstand action-packed days younger kids tend to have.
Kids texting watches are perfect for kids and parents with busy schedules.

The perfect companion to an action-packed week.

Families on the go trust COSMO for every-day connection everywhere it matters most.

  • Field trips
  • Visits to friends’ house
  • Summer camp
  • Airport
  • Sleepover
  • Theme park
  • Playdates

Why parents love texting watches for kids.

Only approved contacts; no one else.
With COSMO's parental controls your child is protected from unknown calls and text messages. Set approved contacts with the touch of a button right from the Mission Control parent app.
All the benefits of modern smart devices, without the risks.
COSMO gives you all the connection and none of the worry. Our watches are firewalled against social media and internet browsing so your child is safely connected without all the other stuff.
Distraction-free safety.
With Class Mode settings, you can easily minimize distractions during class while preserving essential safety functions. With this feature, learning and safety finally go hand in hand.
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Say goodbye to worries and hello to freedom.

Unlock the magic of independence for your little ones while giving yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

All the benefits of holding hands, now from their wrist.

Text & Messaging

Stay safely connected any time with nationwide calling & messaging on our Family-Safe network.

GPS Location Tracking

Check your child's location wherever they go, set SafeZone notifications, and see location history.

Approved Contacts

Only contacts that you've explicitly approved of can call or text your child, and vise versa. 

Safety Essentials

With SOS alerts and emergency calling, JrTrack is the new safety essential.

School Mode

JrTrack is perfect for little students! Set School Mode hours to limit features and  distractions.

Step Counter

Build healthy habits early on by setting step goals in the parent app!


A phone and a safety device all rolled into one. 

With text messaging, calling, and GPS, your kids will be safe and happy wherever they go.

The less-stress parenting solution.

With JrTrack, your child is always in reach. Check their location, send a message - it's all in the palm of your hand. Whether they’re across the street or across the country, you're always together.

  • Kid-Safe

    No social media or internet

  • Parent-Approved

    Rated "Excellent" on Trustpilot

  • Risk-Free

    Money Back Guarantee

Chocolate -  It's all about love
A child’s texting watch with built in safety features. 

Unlock peace of mind with real-time text communication

Parenting is hard. Keeping track of your kids doesn't have to be. Our texting watch is more than just a communication device. It's also equipped with powerful safety features like GPS tracking, SOS alerts, and more.
It’s a big world. Kids deserve to explore it.

Let them do it safely.

Comfort Fit

Don't compromise on safety or fashion. With an easy-adjust velcro band, our kids smartwatch is practical and fun and fits on any child’s wrist. Plus, it comes in a range of colors for every taste! 

Parent App

With the awesome Cosmo Mission Control App, you can easily find your child's location with just a click. Kids stay connected, and parents worry less because their whereabouts are right at your fingertips!

SafeZone Alerts

This impressive safety feature allows you to set zones that send notifications whenever your child comes and goes from places like home, school, or the park down the street. 

Built by pros. Trusted by parents. Loved by kids.

Why Choose Our Smart Watch?

Our all-in-one texting watch for kids gives families the most—the most safety; the most features; the most peace of mind, with the most savings. 

Cosmo JrTrack Smartwatch vs. Other Kids Smartwatches

Here's why the JrTrack kids texting watch is the best in its class.

JrTrack 3

Gizmo Watch 3

Gabb Watch 2



Setup Fee


Device Insurance

per month
per month



Freeform Texting

911 Calling

Location History

School Mode


Don't just take our word for it.


What is Cosmo?
Cosmo Technologies is a family-friendly tech company based in Denver, Colorado, and we're here to help you bring your family closer together. Our goal is to create unique solutions that keep kids safe and families connected. Since our start in 2020, we've become a top company in designing and making fantastic electronic devices and software just for kids and families. We're passionate about building a brighter future and giving families that extra dose of connection, safety, and peace of mind they deserve.
What is a kids texting watch?
Our texting watch for kids is a smartwatch, and is first and foremost a safety device. The watch allows you to text your child wherever they are, regardless of location. It also enables you to track your child’s location using GPS technology and even set notifications for when your child enters or leaves specified locations, like home, school, or other favorite location.
How does texting work on a kids smartwatch?
Texting capabilities are provided through a COSMO Membership cellular service plan which is easy to set up right out of the box. COSMO offers a variety of flexible and affordable plan options that fit any family budget. All plans come with nationwide service and unlimited talk, texting, and data so your child is connected anytime, anywhere.
What makes Cosmo JrTrack Smartwatch the best kids smartwatch?
With Cosmo, you get the most safety features and the best connection at the best price. With the JrTrack watch and a COSMO service plan, parents and kids can safely stay in touch with texting and phone calls without worrying about social media or internet browsing. JrTrack is also the only kids smartwatch equipped with a texting keyboard so kids can type their own text messages, send emojis, or select from customizable pre-set messages.
How does the GPS tracking system work on this wearable device?
Our smartwatches use cutting-edge GPS technology to pinpoint your child's location. With the Cosmo Mission Control Parent app, you can see where your child is at any given time. And don't worry; all the data is encrypted for maximum security.
What functions does the texting watch for kids offer?
Our kids smartwatch is packed with awesome features that will keep your little ones safe and connected. Check out some of the highlights:

Stay Connected: Our smartwatch lets kids call and text approved contacts and receive phone calls and texts from them. It's a secure way for them to stay in touch with you and other trusted people.

Track Their Every Move: With GPS technology, you can easily keep tabs on your child's whereabouts. Just use the companion app on your smartphone to see where they are at any time.

Instant Help at Their Fingertips: The smartwatch has an SOS function for emergencies or when your child needs assistance. It lets your child send an alert to you or other trusted contacts for help right away.

911 Calling Made Easy: With Cosmo, your child can always call for help. Our JrTrack watches have the option for 911 emergency calls. And don't worry, you can control this feature in the settings.
What's included in the Cosmo JrTrack Smartwatch box?
When you order a Cosmo JrTrack Smartwatch, you’ll receive the following items included in the box:

  • JrTrack 3 Smartwatch
  • The watch band (this is automatically included based on the watch color option you select)
  • Charging cable
  • Quick Start guide
  • 2 free screen protectors
  • 2 free stickers!