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The Complete guide to kid’s smartwatches

An in-depth look at the most popular kid’s smartwatches in 2023. Compare features, cost, and more in our guide.

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The American
9-1-1 failure

9-1-1 emergency response service is a critical cornerstone of public safety. So why can’t our kids access it?

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Resources for Parents


Stand Together and Rethink Technology

START equips parents and community members to be mentors and guides so kids can grow up happy and healthy in an increasingly digital world.

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Screen Time Clinic

Educating on Health Screen Time Habits

Specialized support to reduce screen time, avoid and treatment of gaming addiction, digital wellness advocacy, cyber eduction seminars on healthy tech.

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Healthy Screen Habits

Screen Time - Focused Nonprofit

Healthy Screen Habits is a non-compensated, registered, non-profit organization that educates and empowers families to create healthy habits for screen use.

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Common Sense Media

Nonprofit Digital Wellness Organization

Common Sense Media is an organization that reviews and provides ratings for media and technology with the goal of providing information on their suitability for children.

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