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The complete guide to kid’s smartwatches

Looking for a safe smartphone alternative? Our kids smartwatch guide has everything you need! Explore features, cost, and more, all in one place.

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Can your child call for help?

9-1-1 emergency response service is a critical cornerstone of public safety. So why can’t more kids access it? Learn more in COSMO's groundbreaking study.

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Organizations we love

Looking for insights, resources, and savings when it comes to digital parenting? Check out these amazing resources we trust!

Screen Sanity

Screen Sanity equips parents and community members to be mentors and guides so kids can grow up happy and healthy in an increasingly digital world.

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Screen Time Clinic

Specialized support to reduce screen time, avoid gaming addiction, digital wellness advocacy, and cyber eduction seminars on healthy tech.

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Healthy Screen Habits

Healthy Screen Habits is a non-compensated, registered, non-profit organization that educates and empowers families to create healthy habits for screen use.

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Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media is an organization that reviews and provides ratings for media and technology with the goal of providing information on their suitability for children.

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Explore the key features that make a kids smart watch a win

Kids Smart Watch with Calling

Simple is powerful! Discover the benefits of a kid-safe wearable phone right on your child's wrist!

Kids Texting Watch

Make messaging easy with a kids texting watch that sends pictures, text, emojis and voice messages!

Kids Safety Watch

For families, safety comes first and a kids smart watch is the new safety essential parents are turning to. Learn more here!

Kids Watch for GPS

More families than ever are discovering safety + peace of mind using a GPS tracker for kids. For many, a kids smartwatch is the perfect fit.