How a Fitness Tracker Can Help Keep Kids Healthy

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How a Fitness Tracker for Kids Can Help Keep Kids Healthy

Remember when you were a kid and your parents worried you were spending too much time watching TV instead of participating in more active play? Now that you’re a parent, those concerns have multiplied, because screens aren’t just on your TV anymore. They’re everywhere, from phones to tablets to computers, and it can be hard to limit screen time if some of your child’s school work is done online. How do you ensure your children are getting enough exercise to stay healthy?

Health experts recommend at least an hour a day of physical activity for children and teens, but technology and games, schoolwork, pandemic-related interruptions of sporting activities, and many other factors can get in the way. Unfortunately, less than one-quarter (24%) of kids ages 6-17 are reaching an hour a day of exercise. This is alarming, because regular activity can help your child build strong bones, strengthen the cardiovascular system, reduce anxiety and depression, and decrease the risk for a number of diseases later in life, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

So how do you ensure your kids get moving every day? A fitness tracker for kids makes exercise fun. It tracks their activity, so you know how much they’re exercising, while also motivating the child with goals, competitions, and awards. In this article, we’ll talk more about how fitness trackers help improve children’s fitness, and how to choose the best one for your family.

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What Are Fitness Trackers for Kids?

A fitness tracker for kids operates much the same way as one for adults, using a 3-axis accelerometer to determine if the wearer is standing still, walking, or moving in other ways. They keep track of how many steps you take so you can see if you’re meeting activity goals. Adult versions may also track other things like calories and weight, but these metrics aren’t recommended for kids. You want your child to enjoy exercise, not obsess about their weight or diet.

Kids’ activity trackers can be as simple as a small square you clip onto an article of clothing, but most commonly they come as a wearable, typically a watch with fitness-tracking capabilities. Depending which one you choose, your kids smartwatch may also have other features.

Why Can’t Kids Use Adult Fitness Trackers?

A fitness tracker for kids should be tailored for your child and the goal of making fitness fun for them. Kids don’t need to worry about burning calories or watching their weight during their formative years, when they should be developing a healthy body image. Instead, they can enjoy using their tracker to reach activity goals or have fun with friends.

Additionally, adult trackers aren’t designed for kid-sized wrists. Children need flexible, durable bands sized appropriately for them—and let’s be honest, they want something that looks fun. Their parent’s fitness device probably looks a little boring. 

Fortunately, the Cosmo JrTrack™ smartwatch for kids is highly durable and water-resistant, so it’s able to withstand whatever your kids get into. It also comes in three fun colors, with a kid-friendly design and interface.

Why Are Fitness Trackers for Kids Necessary?

We often think of children as being very active. It’s easy to get that idea when you watch your toddler run around the room instead of going to bed! But as kids get older, they get interested in TV, tech, and more sedentary activities. During school hours, they also spend a lot of time sitting, with the exception of physical education classes.

One study found that today’s teens have the same levels of activity as people in their sixties! For kids ages 6-11, 25 percent of boys and 50 percent of girls failed to meet the daily goal of one hour of physical activity. Another study found that as kids aged from 6-11 years old, their physical activity dropped about 75 minutes a day.

A kid tracker device or kids smartwatch can help inspire physical activity in multiple ways. By tracking your child’s steps and progress, it can inspire your child to keep moving and setting new goals. They can also compete with friends—or their parents—so everyone gets more exercise.

But there’s another important benefit. The Cosmo JrTrack™ kids smartwatch allows you to monitor your child’s location and receive alerts if they leave “safe zones” that you designate. You can also use it to immediately call your child if you notice they’re not where they should be. All these safety features make it more feasible for your child to get exercise by walking to school or playing outside.

What Should I Look for in Fitness Trackers for Kids?

A fitness tracker for kids should be made with children in mind. The material should be highly durable and waterproof, and should come in a child-centric design that kids will want to wear. You’ll also want a kids smartwatch with a long battery life, since kids (and sometimes parents) can forget to charge the device every night. Bluetooth devices are not recommended, as some features only work within about 100 feet (sometimes less) of a paired device. Instead, look for a device with an affordable data plan so you can fully use all the features.

The Cosmo JrTrack™ smartwatch has a handy step counter, so you can see how active your child is. Kids can also track their progress, set goals, and even win awards. Cosmo Smartwatch safety features allow kids to roam with more freedom, while you have peace of mind that you can locate and reach them at any time. Our affordable data plan also ensures you won’t lose track of your child because they got too far away from the Bluetooth device you paired with another fitness tracker. Your child can also compete with you or friends to see who gets the most steps in a given time period. These fitness features make it one of the best smartwatches for kids.


How Do I Encourage My Kids to Use a Fitness Tracker?

First, it’s important to remember fitness should be fun for kids. If it feels like a chore or a drag, they’re going to be less interested in being active. Often kids are engaged in doing the things their parents do, so finding fun activities you can do together may help. Play ball with your kids, walk around at a park or other fun attraction, go swimming,or take a karate class together.

Smartwatches for kids can actually help improve the bond between parent and child, not just because you can use them to contact your kids any time, but by helping to foster these healthy habits. Start modeling fit behavior by wearing a fitness device of your own. One idea to encourage the use of a fitness tracker for kids is to use it for fun competitions. For example, see who can log more steps before lunchtime. You can also add incentives, like raising your child’s allowance or buying something they want if they meet their activity goals. Kids can even earn awards for walking so many steps. Children also enjoy friendly competition with friends, and you can keep them safe by choosing who to add. 

Shop Cosmo Smartwatch for Kids to Help Your Kids Stay Healthy and Fit

Helping your kids get and stay fit and healthy is essential, but you need the right tools to do it. The Cosmo JrTrack™ smartwatch for kids is created specifically for children, with a durable, waterproof, and comfortable band. No worries about the band falling apart, or the screen getting cracked—this smartwatch is designed for how kids wear watches. Available in black, pink, and blue, it’s ideal for the child who wants to choose their own color scheme. By tracking steps and allowing your child to set goals and compete with others, it encourages more physical activity. Best of all, your child will be having so much fun, they won’t think of it as exercise!

Safety features on the smartwatch also make it easier for your child to walk to school or have fun playing with friends outside. The parents’ Mission Control app allows you to instantly locate and talk with your child. You can also ensure they stay in designated “safe zones,” and receive alerts if they leave these areas. Affordable data plans and a 30-day return window make the Cosmo JrTrack™ smartwatch for kids an ideal way to encourage your children to stay fit and healthy. Shop the Cosmo Smartwatch for Kids and see how a kids fitness tracker will improve your child’s health and fitness habits.