Spotlight: Inspiring Kids to Explore with Amazing Photos

Inspiring Kids to Explore


At COSMO we believe - in fact we know - that our amazing team is what makes the big vision come to life. And we especially love seeing our people bring all their talents, gifts, and passions to serve our COSMO community!


So today, we’re highlighting one of those amazing team members and how they’ve shaped an exciting (and beautiful) new feature on COSMO’s latest software release!

Meet Eric

Eric Thorson is COSMO’s Marketing Manager and has been at the very heart of shaping the COSMO story from the beginning. From directing photo shoots with families to creating social media content to guiding COSMO’s advertising, Eric does it all! Eric is also a talented landscape photographer who always impressed the team with his latest stunning mountain vistas and sunset shots. In fact, this past summer, Eric moved to Norway for three months to work remotely and explore a country filled with stunning landscapes.


Here’s the exciting part: we’re bringing Eric’s talents to life in the latest software version on your JrTrack! We love collaboration and new ideas, so it didn’t take any convincing when Eric suggested adding some landscapes for kids to choose from as watch backgrounds. Better yet - they're all incredible images straight from Eric's camera!


We sat down with Eric to hear more about what he does and the story behind the amazing photos that he hopes inspire your kids to explore and dream big!


COSMO: So what do you do at COSMO?


Eric: I wear many hats at COSMO, and get to do marketing at a very broad level, and that’s one of my favorite things about working here. It’s also important to me as a marketer that the thing I’m promoting is something that I actually support. I feel really good about telling the world about our product knowing how much safer kids are with it, how excited they are about it, and just the impact this can have for families.



COSMO: What made you interested in COSMO and the family-first technology mission?


Eric: First of all, I find being in a business that works directly with consumers (DTC) to be much more interesting than business-to-business (B2B), so I liked that. Second, what’s most interesting to me about COSMO is the value we provide compared to the cost of the product. We’re literally able to give parents the ability to know where their kids are and know they’re ok. That’s huge! It’s so cool to me that this small little device can deliver so much value for parents, and I love how excited kids get about it too! 


I remember my first camera, my first smart device and how exciting that was. So to be able to work for the company giving these experiences to kids is amazing. Not only that, we’re doing it in a healthier way. We’re not giving any dangerous algorithms to these kids that exposes them to all sorts of internet horrors, but we can introduce them to our connected world in a way that actually makes sense.



COSMO: What’s something you love to do in your free time?


Eric: I’ve got a solid hobby lineup, and more to my list! I most enjoy landscape photography; ever since I got my first real camera in 2016, I’ve loved taking photos, exploring, and chasing amazing locations. I love playing the guitar as well - there’s something timeless about turning up the volume on an amp and rocking out, so I like to learn my favorite songs and try to pursue more difficult ones. I haven’t yet tried my hand at writing anything, but it’s on my list.

COSMO: Tell us a little about the photos you took that are part of the latest release of JrTrack backgrounds?


Eric: I’ve had the privilege of traveling and taking photos in some amazing locations, and for this background release we thought it would be exciting to feature some of them! They’re truly from all over. California, Utah, Morocco, and Norway are where these new watch background shots are from. They’re all so different from each other and each has an incredible beauty in its own way. I’m most excited about the northern lights image, which was taken just a few weeks ago. That was a really special experience. 


I would have never pursued this rewarding hobby if I hadn’t been inspired to go find the amazing locations I’d seen in other’s photos, so hopefully these photos on the JrTrack can inspire a few kiddos to pick up a camera and show the world what life looks like through their own lens.


Landscape Photos by Eric Thorson

Photos by Eric Thorson, featured on the newest JrTrack 2 Software Release. Clockwise from top left: Arches National Park, Utah; The Sahara Desert in Morocco; View of the Northern Lights from Norway; Norway countryside.


JrTrack 2 Kids Smart Watch New Backgrounds

How to Update Your JrTrack Watch

Ready to get your new backgrounds? Our new software update will be available starting October 10, 2022 for all customers. And updating is easy as 1,2 3! So get ready to get inspired to explore!


-- Step 1: On the watch, swipe right to the grey Settings (gears) icon and tap Updates

-- Step 2: When available, select Update > Download > Install Now

-- Step 3: You're all set! Check out all the new landscape backgrounds in the white watch icon app on your JrTrack. Let us know which you and your kids like best!