Meet the All-New JrTrack 2 SE & Updated Mission Control App

COSMO JrTrack 2 Kids Smart Watch


It’s finally time for the big reveal! Our team has been hard at work on some big new things for COSMO families like yours. And now it’s time to pull back the curtain! 


Today we’re thrilled to announce that the COSMO family just got bigger, better, and more beautiful than ever before.


Ready? Drum roll please…..

Introducing the all new JrTrack 2 SE and fully-updated COSMO: Mission Control Parent App!

 COSMO JrTrack 2 SE kids smartwatch Gps tracker

We love releasing new features and products for our COSMO community. And there's a few reasons for that!


First and foremost it's the amazing and helpful feedback we get from families like you! We love hearing what you love, what needs work, and how we can make COSMO more useful for you every day!


That’s why we’ve prioritized recent software updates for everyone, like increasing battery by up to 50%, giving kids new options for fun wallpaper backgrounds, adding optional 911 emergency calling capabilities, improved GPS and connectivity, and more!


Second, it's because of our obsession with being the kind of company that puts family first. Our world isn’t getting any easier for kids or parents in the digital age, so the need for safer, simpler, smarter tools is only growing.


Want to know the full story of what’s new with SE and Mission Control? Read on! We’ll cover:

    • - What’s new with JrTrack 2 SE
    • - What’s new with Mission Control 
    • - What’s new for everyone! The latest software updates for all JrTrack users

Meet the Sleek & Updated JrTrack 2 SE Kids Smart Watch

 JrTrack 2 Kids GPS Smart Watch

Who doesn’t love a new look and feel? With the JrTrack 2 SE we heard your suggestions for a more comfortable, easy to adjust wrist band for kids and our JrTrack 2 SE is the result. 


We gave JrTrack 2 SE a sleek new look and updated slate-grey bezel color, plus a premium Comfort-Fit fabric and Velcro strap. It’s more comfortable, more adjustable, and more kid-friendly than ever!


JrTrack 2 SE kids smartwatch wrist band

JrTrack 2 SE FAQs

  • - How much does the new JrTrack 2 SE cost? You can get a JrTrack 2 SE for a special price of $79.99, plus it comes with FREE shipping! (but psst, we're running a 20% off holiday sale with code HOLIDAY20!)


  • - Does JrTrack SE work with the same COSMO Membership cellular service plans? YES! JrTrack 2 SE still requires the same COSMO Membership plans at the same rates - starting at just $14.99/month and including unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as device insurance!


  • - What makes the new JrTrack 2 SE band more comfortable? Great question! We designed the SE strap based on feedback that silicone wrist bands with tuck away ends could be a bit hard for younger kids to put on. This new band is made of premium fabric and velcro so its easier to put on, easier to adjust, and all with a comfortable soft feel.



  • - Are there features that are only available on JrTrack 2 SE? The great news is that all COSMO families get our best features! That means you’ll always get the latest and greatest software updates, regardless of whether you’re using the JrTrack 2 SE or original JrTrack 2.

Mission Control is Getting a (BIG) Upgrade!


We may be known as a company that builds an award-winning kids smart watch, but we know that the peace of mind parents need is all about the power of the Mission Control Parent app. Mission Control has always been your one-stop hub for family connection - where parents can check a child’s GPS location, set customized Safe Zone areas to receive periodic alerts when kids enter or leave a zone, send text and voice messages, track steps and activity - and much more.

 COSMO Mission Control Parent App

Those same features are all there - but now they’re more beautiful and easier to use than ever before. We’ve overhauled the look and feel of our app from the ground up. It’s cleaner, simpler, and more intuitive so nothing gets between you and your kids.


COSMO Mission Control Parent App FAQs

  • - Do I need to download a new app? No! It’s the same app you already use. Just be sure to check your app store for any available updates. The updated Mission Control app will be available to all users on iOS and Android over the next week!

Updates for Everyone: Software Updates for All JrTrack Users


Get ready for new features and updates that are just around the corner. With JrTrack 2 SE, as well as original JrTrack 2, you’ll be seeing these new features and enhancements shortly!

COSMO Mission Control App Updates



  • New Ringtones: We know kids love to personalize their watches, so we’ve taken it to a new level - get ready to find your tune! New ringtone options will be available shortly for kids (or parents for that matter) to pick their favorite.


  • New Wallpapers: We have a whole new batch of wallpapers ready for our next update. Our last batch theme was Outdoor Adventure (don't miss the story about our team member Eric and his amazing photography here!).  You’ll have to wait and see what this next one is!


  • New Optimized Calling: We know connection means everything. For families that may experience lower cell service in certain areas, we’ve been hard at work enhancing our Family Safe Nationwide Network coverage. That’s why our upcoming software release will include a first-of-its-kind option on a kids smartwatch for families to switch to a VoIP (Voice Over IP) calling connection. This will help optimize calling connection in low coverage areas and give families more confident connection no matter what.

Software Update FAQs

  • - How do I update my JrTrack watch? It’s easy! On the watch, just swipe right from the come screen until you see the grey “gears” icon for Settings > Select Updates at the top > Check for any available updates - if one is available continue to Download and Install Now.


  • - Are these updates going to be available just on JrTrack 2 SE? Nope! If you already have a JrTrack 2 you’ll still get the latest and greatest software updates once released. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the newest members of the JrTrack family. If you’re already part of the COSMO family, keep an eye on your Mission Control app and JrTrack for updates in the next week or so!


And if you don’t yet have a JrTrack of your own - now’s a great time to give it a try. It’s the perfect gift for kids and parents alike! If you didn’t already know, COSMO offers:



  • - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: try if for 30 days, and if you’re not fully satisfied, get a no-questions-asked refund!)


COSMO kids gps tracker watch