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10 Reasons Why a Kids Smart Watch is Better than a Smartphone
Thinking of buying your child their first smartphone? As a parent, you probably know other parents whose elementary-school aged kids have smartphones. Many parents want their kids to have a phone so they can contact and keep track of them. But there's a better solution than smartphones designed for adults. We have everything you need to know to feel confident putting off the iPhone in favor of the kids smartwatch.
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Kids Gadgets Christmas Gift Guide

At the end of a highly unusual year, holiday shoppers are already showing signs that they aren’t looking for the same gifts they were in years past. It’s been a year for reflection packed with changing circumstances and for all of us some kind of hardship.

Black Friday is all but canceled, Cyber Monday has been spread out over a multi week period and that’s not even the biggest change in holiday shopping. This year parent shoppers are looking for gifts for their kids that will address the new normal that started in 2020.

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technology for kids

Technology for kids should be designed for kids. COSMO has heard countless stories from our customers about how they found their way to our business. Almost all of those stories share a disturbing theme -- parental controls that failed, devices that had backdoors, kids that hacked through safety settings, and apps that weren’t what they appeared to be. If this is your story, keep reading.

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