The 5 Best Kids Tracking Device Features To Look For

The 5 Best Kids Tracking Device Features To Look For


Today, more parents than ever are interested in kids tracking devices. In fact, one recent survey found that 47.6% of parents say they track their child’s location. The most common device they use to do this? A smartphone.

The challenge is that many parents are concerned with the consequences of handing their young kids a smartphone. While powerful tools, these adult-devices pose serious developmental and safety risks for younger children. Open access to the internet and social media may expose them to dangerous situations, and experts are growing increasingly concerned about the impacts of ever-growing screen time at a young age.

But that's just the the beginning of the challenge for parents wanting to keep track of kiddos with a smartphone. Many smartphones only return a last reported location for the phone and don’t update the location in real time. And a tracking device is only as good as your little one's ability to keep track of it - something any parent knows is a challenge for kids.

For these reason, many parents or guardians may want to consider a different approach. Today, more parents are turning to wearable trackers for their child, such as a kids smart watch. In addition to the convenience, many parents want a tracker that comes with other useful features for kids and parents, and one that comes in a variety of fun colors that kids love. Most importantly, parents want a tool that helps a child feel connected and gives parents peace of mind.

With so many kid tracking device options out there, how do you know which features to look for? Read on to learn more about the best, most useful features to look for in tracking devices for kids.


Here are 5 Kids Tracking Device Features To Look For:


1) GPS Locator Instead of Bluetooth

Tracking devices for kids can be based on Bluetooth, but are more effective when they use GPS. Parents considering Bluetooth tracking device options should know the limitations. These devices have a limited range, and don’t work when  moved too far away from the device they’re paired with, such as a parent’s phone. When shopping for kid tracking devices, be sure to look for ones with GPS locator rather than connecting via Bluetooth.

For example, if you want to make sure your child makes it home from school without any detours while you’re still at work, a Bluetooth device that pairs with your phone may not be helpful.

However, the best GPS devices, like the COSMO JrTrack 2™, allows you to access your child’s location from anywhere and updates in real time. It also updates in real-time. So if you’re stuck at work, you can see that your child has arrived home on time. You should also look for devices that come with a reliable parent app that is accessible on any device paired with the tracker, like a phone or tablet. The COSMO: Mission Control app comes with this important capability.

2) Safety & Wear-ability

You've probably heard it before: "can I get one?" Kids at all ages want a cell phone these days. And many concerned parents feel trapped between wanting connection, and concern about the open world of the internet they're handing them. Today, more than 50% of all kids in the U.S. under the age of 11 now have a smartphone.

But while technology has never been more advanced, the fact is that handing a child their own cell phone has also never been more dangerous. Internet access, social media apps, and the ability to receive phone calls from absolutely anyone create clear risks for young, developing kids. Like a pair of training wheels on a bike, children need to learn how to responsibly navigate the internet before getting their own phone. For parents who are looking for this kind of solution, a wearable kids GPS tracking device is a perfect solution.

When looking for a kid tracking device, a wearable tracker with communication options is the simplest and safest alternative for younger children. Having a wearable device is the natural solution for parents concerned about their children losing a stray device. And the leading wearable tracking devices also come with communications functionality.

For example, the COSMO JrTrack ™ 2 phone watch for kids allows your child to make and receive phone calls from anyone on their approved calling list, which you control through the parent app. This means you can not only see where your kid is, but also call to check in at any time. With a wearable device, you’ll know exactly where they are at all times.

3) The Ability to Share Camera and Location 

If parents could rank phrases kids say most, one of the leaders would have to be "Mom, look at this!" Exploration and discovery are critical elements of a child's development journey, and being able to show those things to a parent or guardian is what builds deep and lasting connection.

In situations like these, having a camera feature in a kid tracker device is an amazing benefit. Unfortunately, this is a harder feature to find. The COSMO JrTrack™ 2 tracking device for kids is one option that comes with a sharing camera and location feature, so kids can take and send pictures. You can also view their location from the GPS feature to keep an eye on your little explorers.

The fact that kids love to show their parents new things or skills is a precious part of their journey of growing up. And any parent knows - these are the moments you don't want to miss. The age-old question asked by kids around the world—”Are you watching?” — has an easier answer with kids' watches like these. Now the answer, no matter where you are, can be yes!

4) Texting with Trusted, Approved Contacts

Most kid tracking devices with calling features function just like adult smartwatches do. That means that these devices can receive phone calls and texts from anyone including strangers, robocalls, and scam calls (and no one wants spam calls). Many parents with young children understandably want to limit who their children can communicate with, but most kid tracker devices don’t offer this option. When shopping for a kid tracker device, make sure that the device has the option to receive calls and texts from specific, approved contacts. That way, you don’t have to worry that they’ll receive calls from strangers, like they could on a regular smartphone.

With the COSMO JrTrack™ 2 tracking device for kids, your kids can send preset texts in common situations, saving time and allowing for quick communication. If they want to talk to someone new, parents or guardians have the power to approve that contact before any communication is allowed. This way, your kids are always protected from spam texts or random picture messages from complete strangers. 

5) Class Mode to Minimize Distractions

Most kid tracker devices with a calling function allow you to receive calls and texts at any time. While the constant connection is key, it also presents challenges for kids when focus is needed. Devices may go off during class or other inopportune times, or simply create unnecessary distractions (and kids have enough distractions already!) When searching for a kid tracking device, look for a device that give you the ability to set unique frames for "do not disturb" mode.

With devices like the JR Track 2 tracking device for kids, parents can set customizable times when kids won’t be able to use the device, such as the hours that school is in session. This feature, called “Class Mode”, is a great way to help your child focus on school, and not on their devices. While you and your child still have the ability to communicate if there's an emergency, having a Class Mode helps keep your child's focus where it should be. Class mode also allows you to set limits on your child’s screen time, so you can ensure they finish their homework.


Key Takeaways

There's no shortage of features to consider when looking for a kids GPS tracker. But finding the right device with the right features is key as more parents want connection and peace of mind with their kids. So here are the key things keep in mind when looking for the right tracking device for your kids:

    • > Tracking devices for kids ensure you always know where your child is, and can contact them immediately if need be.
    • > GPS trackers are better than Bluetooth ones as they work at any distance and provide real-time updating. When searching for a kid tracker device, be sure it connects via GPS rather than Bluetooth.
    • > Look for tracker devices that are wearable and durable, so you can ensure you're connected and prevent kids misplacing their device.
    • > For extra benefit, look for devices that include a camera. Not all kid tracker devices include this feature, which can be both incredibly helpful and fun!
    • > Beware of devices with calling features that don't block stranger calls or messages. Look for kids GPS tracker devices that come with a reliable parent app, let parents or guardians approve contacts, and block stranger calls or messages.
    •  >When searching for a kid tracking device, make sure that you have the ability to set do not disturb mode so that your children can only be contacted when you want them to be.