The Secret's Out! Introducing the All New JrTrack 2 Smart Watch for Kids

The Secret's Out! Introducing the All New JrTrack 2 Smart Watch for Kids


Introducing Our Brand New JrTrack 2 Smart Watch for Kids!

Update: The JrTrack 2 Kids Smartwatch is NOW AVAILABLE! Order Here >>


Everyone knows it’s hard to keep a secret. And we’ve REALLY been looking forward to letting this one out. Now, finally, we can! Introducing the all new JrTrack 2 Smart Watch for Kids!

Why are we so excited? Because we put everything into making this the kids GPS smart watch that’s a parent’s best friend and a kid’s perfect first device. We enhanced features, improved the parent app, and added amazing and fun new colors. And that’s just the start of it.

From the ground up, we’ve reimagined not just what a kids smart watch can be - we’ve asked what it should be. Simple, safe, reliable, quality - and fun! We’ve custom engineered every aspect of the JrTrack 2 to be all those things - and at an incredible price you can’t beat.  

We reimagined not just what a kids smart watch can be - we’ve asked what it should be

Want to learn what makes the JrTrack 2 the best kids smartwatch in the galaxy? 


The JrTrack 2 Story

The idea for COSMO and the JrTrack started around a small kitchen table and a big question: how can technology help bring families together? In a big-tech world that’s built on screen addiction, selling clicks, and social media saturation, it’s easy to feel like no one is fighting for families.

We believe that technology should work for families - to help give parents peace of mind and give kids freedom to live active, healthy lives.

That’s something all of us on the COSMO team are passionate about. We’re a team of parents, former teachers, techies, entrepreneurs, dog lovers, and more. And just like you, we were tired of families having to make compromises. Want to stay connected to your young kids? For too long that’s meant spending a small fortune and opening your kids to a dangerous world of unprotected internet and social media.

So we decided to finally build the right solution for parents and kids at the right price. A simple kids smart watch that doesn’t sacrifice on quality or connection:

    • > Call and text safely with trusted contacts
    • > Know where your kids are with GPS tracking
    • > Set safe zones and receive automatic updates
    • > Take and share pictures and voice messages with your kids
    • > Monitor it all with one simple-to-use app

 And now with the JrTrack 2, it all gets even better.

Better Together. Better than Ever.

So what makes the JrTrack 2 the ultimate kids smart watch? Here’s what you need to know.

1) Pinpoint GPS tracking

As a parent, you know how terrible it feels to lose track of your child. It’s one of the main reasons we built the JrTrack 2 GPS kids smart watch - and it’s here to help! In the JrTrack 2 we’ve enhanced the GPS function with the highest-standard three-point location verification to give parents that peace of mind that means everything.

2) Updated COSMO: Mission Control parent app:

We’ve redesigned and upgraded everything about the Mission Control parent app. It’s your one-stop hub for texts, calls, GPS tracking, setting safe zones, seeing pictures shared by your kids, and so much more. We know that parents are the real superheroes here, and the mission control app is built to be your perfect sidekick.

3) Enhanced Security

From the very beginning at COSMO, we’ve been committed to quality and security. Your family’s data should be yours. Period. That’s why we’ve added even more security enhancements and data protection in the JrTrack 2. Our device is completely COPPA compliant and built on the U.S. gold standard for data storage. You won’t find another kids smart watch at this price with this kind of protection.

4) Fun and bold new colors!

There’s lots of reasons to love the new JrTrack 2, but this might be our favorite. Safe meets stylish with two different watch colors and five amazing color bands to choose from. Different kids, different colors - and we’ve got plenty for you to choose from. Which one is your favorite?


Hero Parents Have a Perfect Sidekick

We hear from parents all the time that say they wish they’d found the JrTrack sooner. Whether it’s a little change in daily plans or a big moment of crisis, you need to be able to communicate with the little ones you love. 

Parents often tell us the watch helped them when an after-school activity changed times or ended early and they could communicate without worry. We hear how parents love feeling confident even if their kids wander off to a friend’s house to play. In our 21st century these moments of safety, confidence, and connection shouldn’t be the exception. They should be the standard that’s available to every family.

One of our parents told us, “I love it because I know she is safe and I can get a hold of her when I need to.” Another parent said, “We have this for both of our daughters, ages 6 and 4, and love how easy it gives me a lot of confidence.”

“We have this for both of our daughters, ages 6 and 4, and love how easy it gives me a lot of confidence.”

Ultimately, we believe the JrTrack 2 is much more than a kids smartwatch. It’s your passport to family adventure, a pathway to healthy habits. Most of all, it’s your perfect partner for staying connected to the little ones you love most.

Stay Tuned for More!

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Welcome to a whole new world of family connection friends!