The Rising Trend of Smart Watches for Kids

The Rising Trend of Smart Watches for Kids


From Fortnite to the Floss dance, kids’ trends don’t always make sense, but they can definitely grab your child’s attention. While some trends only last until the stores are completely saturated with merchandise they’ll later mark down, the rising trend of smart watches for kids is here to stay. In fact, the global kids' smartwatch market is expected to grow at an average of 15% every year to reach a whopping $10.1 billion by 2027.

Why the meteoric rise? The premise is simple enough: smart devices keep kids connected with family and friends while protecting them from difficulties associated with giving a smart phone to children. They may also come with tracking devices so parents can always locate and contact their kids.

While your kid's fidget spinners may be lodged in the couch cushion now, the kids' smartwatch trend is here to stay. Here's what families should know.

What exactly is a smartwatch for kids?

These days, it seems like everything you buy your kids is smart—a doll, a toy truck, a pair of light-up sneakers, all connected to the internet. Why some of these items need to be “smart” or “connected” isn’t always clear (but on the upside, now you can tell your kids stories about your sad childhood, surrounded by only analog toys).

However, kids’ smartwatches are on the rise as more and more parents struggle with their kids' desires for a smartphone. Although research suggests that it’s safest to wait until children are older (e.g. eighth grade) before buying kids a phone, the fact is that much younger kids will beg for them. As much as parents may want to wait, many end up saying yes because they want - and need - a way to contact and keep track of their child. 

The reality is that smartphones aren’t the best solution for young families. Parental controls are famously faulty and prone to kid-hacking, and smartphones make it all-too-easy to access the world wide web, social media, and all the associated dangers. As amazing as the internet can be, there's no denying the rising issues - cyber-bullying, social media addiction, online predators, hacking, and more, just to name a few! And even with a normal adult smartphone and parental controls, families are missing key elements built for kids.

A smartwatch for kids is simply a better solution to the communication problem, as it's built for kids and allows your children to communicate with you at any time—and vice versa. For example, the COSMO JrTrack™ 2 smartwatch for kids  offers 4G calling, messaging, and real-time GPS tracking, so you can have peace of mind. Maybe it's surprising, but the right kind of tech at the right age offers families the opportunity to be less technology-focused when kids are young.

Once they’re equipped with a GPS locator, many parents feel more confident letting kids explore the neighborhood instead of staring at a screen all day. The best smart watches for kids come equipped with GPS location tracking and a parent app on your phone or tablet for checking location and sending messages. If the watch has a sharing camera, kids can also take pictures for another layer of fun and connection.

Additionally, the best kids' smartwatches allow parents or guardians to set up the app with automated "safezones" and alerts if your child leaves a designated area, such as their school or home. And don't forget to look for features like "SOS mode" that lets kids quickly communicate and send their location any time trouble is near.

If you're wondering "will my kid even like it though?" the answer seems to be yes. A kid's first device is an exciting thing for any youngster (look no further than kids' smartwatch unboxing videos). Plus they can use it to call or text their friends - but only those parents add, so no worrying about spam calls or messages. An approved contact and blocking stranger calls are key features parents should look for in any smartwatch for kids.

Smartwatch phones are a growing solution

As the trend grows, more parents are realizing the benefits of smartwatches instead of phones. The best kids smartwatch with GPS should have an easy-to-use interface—for both parents and kids. For example, with the COSMO JrTrack™ smartwatch and Mission Control app, it takes just minutes to set up, activate, create an approved contacts list, and set any limits or alerts you want. Compared to a smartphone, a smartwatch is the more streamlined and simple starter option.

They’re also better for kids, because they’re less likely to be misplaced. Think of all the places you’ve left your phone. Ever find it in the fridge? Or spend ten minutes looking for it just to realize it was in your hand all along? Let’s face it, kids can be forgetful too. They’re also prone to getting distracted and setting things down. If this happens with a smartphone, you can no longer track their location accurately. Not to mention that you could end up buying an expensive new phone because they lost the last one—or dropped it and cracked the screen. But a smartwatch is worn on the wrist—if your kids see something interesting and forget about it temporarily, the watch will still go with them wherever they are. 

One more bonus: Smartwatches are also a hot new trend. Your child will be thrilled to get one now while all their friends are also asking for one.

Common kids problems

Smartwatches for kids also help to solve a lot of common issues children have these days:

  • Too much screen time—we’ve all heard about it, but it can be hard to regulate. Kids' smartwatches make it easy for parents by allowing them a safe way to stay active and connected without the temptations and dangers of most screens.
  • Forgetting things—let’s face it, we adults sometimes have this problem too. We forget to charge our phones, we forget where we left the charger, we forget where we left our phone. But the COSMO JrTrack™ 2 stays on the wrist and has a long-lasting battery that will hang on while you find that charger.
  • Over-stimulation — Becoming overly stimulated by digital devices over time is another problem for today’s children. Kids' smartwatches like the COSMO JrTrack™ 2 block all games and social media, so kids won't be spending hours staring at a screen. You can also use the parental controls and "class mode" to limit time spent on the device.

Kid at school talking on their smartwatch to their parent

 Putting your mind at ease

Parents are bound to worry about their child all the time. And after this past year, we know that parents have worried enough! But the very best kids' smartwatches can put some of those worries to rest.

With no social media apps and the internet browsing blocked, you don’t have to worry about your young child Googling whatever they want without proper supervision. And the GPS tracking and safe zone settings mean you're always in the know about where you kids are. And best of all, just knowing you're a simple call, text, of voice message away can mean the world.

These are the little things that smartwatches for kids can do - but for parents who are looking for peace of mind, they are huge. It's the main reason why this trend is only on the rise.

Key Takeaways

Kids love technology, but they don’t need unsupervised, unlimited access to the internet before they're ready. The growing answer for families is using a smartwatch for kids that lets them talk to friends and family just like they could on a smartphone. Meanwhile, parents control who they can talk to, and can use the device to locate kids whenever they want. The best kids' smartphone models also have GPS location tracking and automated safezone alerts if they leave school, home after school, while the sharing camera helps you know what’s happening.

But most of all, what smartwatches for kids offer families is worry-free connection. A rare, but amazing feature of kids' smartwatches is a camera that lets children share pictures with parents or guardians. That kind of fun, shared connection can last a lifetime - much longer than whatever new dance craze has taken over TikTok. The one thing a kids smartwatch can’t do though? Improve your dance moves.