Yes, Your 5-year Old Needs Her Own Phone Number

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Choosing a kids smart watch connects the most vulnerable member of your family

Everyone you know has a phone number that you can call anytime. Everyone except your youngest, most vulnerable family members -- your kids.

It is a sign of our digitally connected times that not being connected feels unusual. If your friend or your spouse doesn’t answer your calls, you begin to worry. But many families do not give their kids phones because of the myriad dangers that come from being over-connected too young.

This decades-long quandary of what to do about kids and connected devices has had very real consequences. Here is just a short list of the problems that are significant enough to have been the subject of academic research.

-Screen addiction (85% of parents are concerned their child has a screen addiction)

kid's screen addiction

-Cyber bullying (50% of kids have been cyber bullied, 30% have been threatened)

-Online predators (More than 500,000 predators are online every day)

-Child pornography (78% of child pornography depicts children under 12 years old)

-Sexting (2/3rds of surveyed girls reported being coerced into sexting)

internet safety for kids

-Cognitive development issues (Studies report significant cognitive issues)

-And so much more

But almost overnight a viable, real world solution matured enough for mass market adoption. It’s not only an effective solution to the above-mentioned problems, it actually reverses years of expert guidance to parents on how to approach child connectivity.

The solution is 4g-enabled kids smartwatches. They operate with their own SIM card independent of a smartphone. They don’t have open internet browsing, app stores, or social media. They are built on a foundation of software that can be controlled and modified by parents or guardians.

These smart watches for kids make crystal clear audio calls between children and their adult guardians and can even do video chat. They are comfortable for kids to wear and nearly indestructible.

The best part is, because of how safe they are, it is actually better to give them to kids when they are younger than when they are already asking for a smartphone.

One COSMO customer wrote to us to say that just weeks after getting this device for their daughter, her dad fell and broke his clavicle. After calling his wife, grandparents and anyone else who could help without answer, he called his daughter’s JrTrack Kids Smartwatch! She answered his call, found mom, and everything got worked out.

It makes sense to connect everyone in the family for this reason. You never know when it will come in handy for your 5 year old to have a phone number!

Of course the most common use case is when parents are trying to locate their kids. Parents everywhere are familiar with that heart stopping moment when you realize your child has wandered off or isn’t where they are supposed to be.

GPS location functions on kids smartwatches are ultimate peace of mind. You can instantly pinpoint them on the map, call their watch, send them audio and text messages, even initiate a video call!

So why should you consider a COSMO JrTrack Kids Smartwatch? We think it boils down to three things:

  • Best-in-class features
  • Price
  • Trust

Cosmo Kids' Smartwatch


COSMO has invested substantially into architecting a totally secure platform for communicating with and tracking the JrTrack Smartwatch. We did not just stop at being fully compliant with all federal, state and local laws regarding child data privacy. Rather, have gone the extra mile to design our company around core principles that put safety first.

Rest assured, COSMO is not just a GPS tracker for kids or a phone, it’s a cyber-seatbelt that protects your child all day long.


You can find kids smartwatches at just about every price point, from the premium $400 Apple product to the crummy plastic $25 watch on Amazon. Most of the “good” devices start at $150. But not COSMO.

Because of our expertise in manufacturing and software, we offer the JrTrack for just $99.99, which typically includes at least one free month of unlimited data (offers may vary).


COSMO is not a subsidiary of a tech giant or a telecom corporation. We are a startup founded with a mission to do technology differently. Part of our mission that our team has is to change the way tech companies approach data privacy.

This is something that large corporations can’t do because their profits are based on selling your data for advertising purposes. Rest assured, with COSMO, your data will never be monetized and every conversation is completely private.