Amazing Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids (and Parents Too)

Amazing Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids (and Parents Too)


It’s 2021 and that means, like everything else this past year, holiday shopping has been...well, a little different. Maybe you started early (good for you!) like many people did. But let’s be real - no one is perfect, and if you’re still on the hunt for perfect Christmas gifts for kids, then welcome to the club!

The struggle is real this year though. There’s a few well publicized reasons for this:

  1. Supply chain, supply chain, supply chain: Companies have been scrambling to stay in stock this year, so finding gifts that are actually still available right now isn’t easy.
  2. Global chip shortages: If you’ve been looking for tech gifts, you’ve probably run into this. The shortage of those powerful little chip sets we never think about - from iPhones to cars to kids toys - has turned holiday supply challenges into a nightmare for many tech companies - especially those making smaller kids electronics.
  3. Unsafe toys: With all the other issues plaguing the market, there’s more room than ever for unsafe, untested products. Sadly, reports of unsafe, dangerous toys are up and consumers need to know how to spot the bad apples. Not so easy when you’re racing for a last minute gift!
  4. Underwhelming deals: Given all the other problems, you may have noticed that deals were down this holiday season. Even during the peaks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, deals were less exciting than expected due to a variety of market factors. So if you missed those, you might be feeling like you’re out of luck.

After all that - here’s the good news! We’re here to help tired, overwhelmed parents or guardians find that perfect last minute gift. And not just any gift, but one that’s (actually) exciting, fun, educational, AND a great deal. Let’s call it our little Christmas present to you.

So what are our recommendations for last minute Christmas gift wins for kids?

(Please note: the below details reflect price and availability as of the time of publishing. If prices or supply change, hopefully it’s because you snagged a great deal first!)


The Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Kids


The best gift for back to school


COSMO JrTrack 2 4G Kids GPS Smartwatch

Sure, we may be biased, but here are a few facts: 

    • > Kids wearable smart devices have been some of the hottest selling gifts of the season
    • > Finding a great last-minute gift is HARD. Especially this year with so many companies out of stock (thanks a lot supply chain)
    • > Even we’re saying it: this deal is AMAZING. Just $39.99 for the best-selling kids smartwatch with kid- and parent-loved features like 4G nationwide calling, voice & text messaging, GPS tracking, pedometer, and lots more. That’s less than HALF what you’ll pay for those features anywhere else. 

If you’re looking for that perfect last minute gift for kids that checks all the boxes on Santa's list, look no further. It’s also a great time to get a gift that will help as kids head back to school in January. (Plus ...shhh, it’s actually a gift for parents too!)


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The best gift for little artists


Spirograph Animator

You might remember the Spirograph yourself. These amazing little drawing design tools turn a pen and paper in your kiddo’s hand into a WOW-worthy design masterpiece. Personally, we remember playing with these for hours! Just changing the pen placement or swamping out the size of the gear-like plastic pieces gives you an entirely new design every time. It’s a perfect screen free toy to inspire some creativity -- and it’s also still and stock and on sale for just $19.99!

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The best gift for budding little techies


OSMO Genius Starter Kit

In our digital age, tech may be everywhere - but finding great kids tech that actually helps little ones learn skills for the digital age is hard. That’s where OSMO comes in. They make games that help kids learn simple coding skills at an early age in a fun and approachable format. Their games are designed to be surprisingly fun and something the whole family can enjoy. What’s not to love?? Their Genius Starter Kit is (as you can guess) a great place to start -- plus it’s on sale now for $25 off at $74.99

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The best gift for kids who love things that fly


Hasakee Kid-Friendly Drone

Flight toys have always captured kids’ imaginations. Whether it’s paper airplanes or old-school gliders, kids love seeing things fly. Now there’s a whole new world of aerial adventures in the form of drones and they’re more fun and cheaper than ever. Hasakee is one brand with great reviews and reasonable price point. You can look for simpler models (some even light up for fun nighttime flying excitement) or more advanced ones that feature bluetooth cameras. 

It’s tech like this that brings family together, gets kids outside, and encourages wonder and exploration that we just love! You can grab the Hasakee Q9 for on sale and in stock for just $45 now!


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The best gift for imaginative kids


Magna-Tiles & Magna-Qubix

It’s hard to not love these! The magnetic connection on each tile or cube makes it fun and easy for kids to let their imaginations run wild. Just start snapping the pieces together and see what creations appear! Unlike Legos where small pieces could be a real problem, these tiles or cubes are great for smaller learners. You can still grab these on Amazon, plus the Magna-Qubix is on sale for just $22!


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The best gift for keeping kids active


Swagtron K5 3-Wheeled Scooter

We’d be shocked if you hadn’t heard of these yet. But maybe now’s the time to actually bring one home! For anyone who might have experienced the old Razor scooters (still have that scar on your knee?) a 3-wheeled scooter is an amazng no-brainer. We love seeing kids and parents out and about around the neighborhood on these. They’re sturdy, fun, and the perfect screen-free, activity-encouraging kind of gift for kids. 

There are many great models out there, but this one from Swagtron is affordable, safety certified, and has light up wheels too! It’s in stock and on sale for just $33!


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Note: COSMO does not receive any commission for these links or products. These are just great deals and great products we think your family will love!