New JrTrack 2 Features Available Now

New JrTrack 2 Features Available Now


Did you know that when you have  a COSMO JrTrack smart watch, it keeps getting better? Really? Yes - really! That's because our team is always hard at work listening to our COSMO family and dreaming up new features.


If you have a smartphone like a Samsung or iPhone, you already know how it works. Every so often you'll get a notification that it's time to update because new features and technical upgrades are available. Your JrTrack works the same way!


Not to get too technical, but it's actually one of the things that makes COSMO's JrTrack unique. We've custom built our watch and software to enable what's called "Over the air" (OTA) updates. Pretty cool, right? No new watch needed! Just hit update and check out what's new.



Always Ready to Listen

Our team is always hard at work - and that starts by listening to YOU. We love hearing what you like, what might need improvement, and what new features will make your experience even better.


We're always making improvements, but we're especially excited about this one because it features a few enhancements that we've heard most from our amazing customers. We're honored and thrilled that thousands of families already trust COSMO to help keep kids safe and families connected


So don't be shy! Hit us up on Facebook or Instagram, send us an email, fly us a carrier pigeon (whatever your style might be!) and we'll be ready to listen.



How do I update my watch?

That's the simple part. Your watch will let you know as soon as an update is ready, and in many cases will automatically update on it's own! You can check for and download available updates with three easy steps:


  1. On your JrTrack watch, swipe right until you get to the gray Settings (gears) icon
  2. Select Updates from the support menu
  3. If an update is available, click the button to install & download



Feature Updates: What's New?

This is the fun part! There's a long list in this latest software release, but we're highlighting the five we're most excited about here. We can't wait to hear what you think.



1. Emergency Calling

This is a big one. With such terrible news in the headlines lately, our team put this safety feature as our top priority. Nothing matters more than keeping kids safe and giving parents and caregivers peace of mind. "Just in case" features like this are so important, and that's why we're giving you this important capability.


With this new update, your kids will have an easy-to-find "just in case" emergency option within their calling app. This will always appear at the bottom of their approved contact list and once initiated will place a 911 emergency call after a 5 second delay (to prevent accidental calls). This won't replace the SOS functionality (double tapping the power button from the home screen). Kids can still use the SOS feature to automatically alert the primary guardian and begin auto-tracking location.


With this new feature, it's a great chance to talk to your kids about being prepared. Let them know how to alert you with SOS if they need to get a hold of you, lose their way, or something else. And if there's ever a true emergency, you'll know they can call for help.

JrTrack Emergency Calling


2. Free-form texting keyboard

You asked and we delivered! Until now, your JrTrack has been limited to just custom pre-set text messages that you can create in the COSMO Mission Control app. That same pre-set text menu hasn't gone anywhere, but now, kids will have their own keyboard for free, open texting.


Whether it's coordinating an after school pick up location or just checking in, we know that having the ability to send the right message at the right time is so important. So if your kiddos only need pre-set messages and emojis - no worries! They're still there! But for anything else, your little ones have their own keyboard for the flexibility they need.


Now your JrTrack has four unique ways to communicate:

  • > Voice calls
  • > Pre-set text messages
  • > Open/Free form text messages
  • > Recorded audio/voice messages
JrTrack kids smartwatch texting


3. Improved Storage Management

For anyone who loves taking pictures and recording videos (and who doesn't?) then you're likely to eventually find the limits of your device's storage capacity. Well with this update, we've given your JrTrack more storage, so keep the selfies and sharing coming!


With this update, we've expanded device capacity and also given you notifications if storage is low ahead of time. And last but not least, in Settings you now have a storage management section where you can delete files in bulk by type.




4. Enhanced GPS

GPS location tracking might just be the most loved (and used) feature of the JrTrack watch. Being able to check where your kid is at any time gives parents and caregivers so much peace of mind.


With this newest update, we've made technical back end upgrades to help boost location accuracy. Your JrTrack already uses best-in-class 3-point verification (Wifi, GPS, and LBS) to confirm your child's location. With this update, we've updated the GPS array and location protocols to help enhance location accuracy for your device.

GPS kids smart watch



5. New Background Images

Kids love to customize...actually we all do! That's why we've added some new images to your JrTrack library. Just select the magic wand icon on your JrTrack, check out the new options, and customize away!

JrTrack New Backgrounds




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Full Details

Believe it or not, that's just some of the great new updates. If you'd like details on the full update package, read below:


Version 2.1 

Released June 8th, 2022


Keyboard for free text messaging

    • - Provides users with new keyboard interface within the device messaging section to allow for free-form texting
    • - Maintains custom pre-set text message menu and function as alternate option


9-1-1 emergency calling

    • - Adds a hard-coded 911 contact to the end of the watch contact list (for USA). This contact will always be visible once paired (not before)
    • - Enables calling to 911 by clicking on the contact to initiate, followed by a 5 second delay giving the user a chance to cancel.


GPS enhancements

    • - Improves GPS location accuracy with updated GPS location post protocols.
    • - Prevents sending un-findable access points in array to help prevent incorrect location readings.


Improved storage management

    • - Improves functionality for storage management on the device.
    • - Provides early warning to user when device memory is low/almost full ("Your watch's memory is almost full. Please delete old gallery items to record new ones.")
    • - Establishes auto-delete protocol of old device logs (>10 days) to improve ongoing storage capacity.
    • - Offers users new storage management menu within device settings to delete files in bulk by type (photo/video/audio).


Optimized watch message memory

    • - Optimized loading of all messages regardless of media type
    • - Loading of last 20 messages instead of 15
    • - Fixes crash issue if all messages are photo/audio


Time display format updates (12 vs. 24 format option)

    • - Adds a toggle to select / switch between 12 hr & 24hr time formats on the device.


Media gallery updates (filter by type)

    • - Provides UI enhancements in the media gallery
    • - Offers users a new filter on the top row of the media gallery select only certain types of files (audio/video/photo).


Unknown call detection & security enhancements

    • - Tightens security against unknown calls and messages
    • - Fixes issue with device app displaying any "missed" unknown calls in logs.


Factory reset improvements

    • - Updates data clearing protocol during factory reset.


SIM detection improvements

    • - Helps users more quickly identify if something is wrong with SIM connection or insertion by showing "no SIM" message.