New JrTrack Features Coming Soon to Your Kids Smart Watch!

New JrTrack Features Coming Soon to Your Kids Smart Watch!


It might not be Christmas just yet, but who says we have to wait to roll out the gifts? Our team has been hard at work (as per usual) listening to your great ideas, suggestions, and requests for our latest JrTrack 2 (and SE) software updates. And today, we're announcing some of the most exciting new features yet!


This is a big one (if we do say so ourselves). Why? Well we can’t wait to tell you! For starters, this update includes our brand new Family Buddy feature which allows watches on the same admin account to text and call each other! That means if you have more than one child with a JrTrack watch in your home, it’s time to let the fun begin! 


This update also includes an amazing new connection enhancement called Optimized Calling to expand the reliability of COSMO’s Family Safe network further than ever!


Oh…and maybe most exciting for kids: RINGTONES! 


Ready to learn all the ways your JrTrack 2 keeps getting better and better? Here’s a preview:


  • - NEW Ringtones
  • - NEW Family Buddy feature
  • - NEW Wallpapers
  • - NEW Optimized Calling setting (BETA)

JrTrack 2 & JrTrack 2 SE Update FAQs

First, let’s get the simple things out of the way. Here are quick answers to your burning questions about our latest updates:


Who can access the latest JrTrack updates?

This answer is easy: everyone! Whether you have a JrTrack 2 or JrTrack 2 SE, all COSMO kids smart watch customers get access to our latest and greatest updates! 


When are these new updates available? 

These updates will be available to all customers in late November/early December 2022. Keep an eye on your JrTrack watch for an update notification soon!


How do I check for updates / update my JrTrack smartwatch?

It’s simple! To check for and download updates, simply swipe left until you reach the gray gears icon on your JrTrack watch. The first item on the settings menu will be updates - tap here and your watch will automatically check and let you know if a new update is available! If so, just select Next > Download > and Install Now. Presto!

All The Details: Here's What's Coming to Your Kids Smart Watch


We been so excited to share this latest update with all its features to make your JrTrack more reliable, more fun, and more powerful than ever. Read on to get all the details.

NEW Ringtones

That’s right! If you’ve ever thought it might be nice to have a different tune when you call your child, then this one's for you. Or maybe it's really for the kids who we know love to customize their watch and truly make it their own. 


Either way, this new feature adds 5 ringtone options and 3 notification/text tone options that you and your child can choose from!


How To:

  • - On the watch, swipe left to Settings (gray gears icon)
  • - Scroll down to Device
  • - Select Sounds & Volume > Sounds
  • - Select either Ringtone or Notification to hear & select your watch's ringtones or notification tones

NEW Family Buddy feature

The family just got even more connected with this often-requested JrTrack update! Now, when a parent administrator account has more than one watch profile in their Mission Control app, those two devices will automatically be able to call and text. This means siblings can call, send pictures, voice messages, and emojis. All contacts are still fully parent approved - this simply allows two related watches to communicate!


How To:

  • - As an account administrator, open your COSMO Mission Control app
  • - Go to Menu > My Devices
  • - If you have two watch/child profiles added here (and each watch has been updated to the latest software version!) then each watch will automatically include the other watch as a contact.
  • - To find the contacts on the watch, Swipe to the green Calling icon or blue Messaging ions. The new Family Buddy will appear as a contact.

NEW Wallpapers

Ready for the latest wallpaper theme? Last time we included some amazing cinematic photography from of COSMO’s very own employees! (you can read the story here). This time, our theme is……shapes


We’ve added five new fun colorful and imaginative shape designs to your child’s wallpaper set. All the previous wallpaper options haven’t changed, we’ve just added to the party!


How To:

  • - On your JrTrack watch, swipe left to the white watch icon.
  • - Scroll down to see all wallpaper options. 
  • - Tap on the image you’d like to set as your watch home screen background
  • - Tap the small circle/back button on the bottom of your watch to return to your watch home screen and see it live!

JrTrack Kids Smart Watch Wallpapers

NEW Optimized Calling Settings (BETA)

We know that, above all else, families rely on COSMO for connection. Sure, we love the fun settings, pictures, and more, but it’s the simple power of reliable connection that makes all the difference. That’s why we’ve been hard at work enhancing our Family Safe Nationwide Network to provide enhanced service for those who may be in areas where they experience issues with lower service levels. 


Optimized Calling is a brand new BETA setting that switches your watch's connection to Voice Over IP (VoIP) connection, which can provide more reliable calling for those struggling with adequate service connection. This is an exciting innovation in connected kids technology that we’re proud to be building and improving for a new generation of family connection devices!


Should I switch to Optimized Calling?

  • > If you have experienced any issues at all with poor connection, frequent dropped calls, or similar calling-related issues, you’re likely a great candidate for Optimized Calling!

What does Optimized Calling entail?

  • > It’s very simple! Optimized Calling just takes a minute and will automatically assign your watch a new VoIP phone number (don’t worry, your original number is still saved). You’ll simply want to update or add the new number as primary in your phone’s contact list (your Mission Control app will automatically adjust)


How To:

  • - On your watch, swipe to Settings (gray gears icon)
  • - Scroll down to Device > then scroll to Calling Network
  • - Standard Calling will be selected by default - select Optimized Calling
  • - Continue through the following prompts - once you see your new number, save this to your phone’s contact list. This is your JrTrack watch’s new number that enables Optimized Calling. 
  • - You’re all set and your Mission Control app will sync automatically!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of these new updates for your JrTrack. With the holidays just around the corner, we can’t wait for these new features to be part of the excitement so many kids get to experience on Christmas morning. And it’s not just kids - it’s about giving parents and guardians the tools and confidence they need for keeping kids safe and connected.

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